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So, last night, I spent the night squished between my two sons. Casey and Max. Max is one of our cats, he’s a Turkish Van. He’s snuggly. He’s also a bed hog! I kept waking up with leg pain because he was laying so close, and I’d scoot closer to Casey, and then Max would scoot closer to me. It was sweet as crap but also a literal pain and resulted in NOT a good night’s sleep.

This morning started off otherwise ok, but that didn’t last long. After just one cup of coffee, which was actually a latte so it doesn’t usually have a bad effect on me, I had a major panic attack. I blame it on too much sugar before bed last night, plus all that’s always on my mind, plus hormones. It didn’t last as long as I feared it would, for that I credit the essential oils.

After a bit, I started to feel hungry, so I knew it was over for sure. I ate some toast. All was fine.

I got my playlist sorted for my gig tonight. That took some effort! A lot of tracks I had to preview because I didn’t recognize if they were metal or not lol.

Had some lunch, the last of the pizza. Got Casey a bath, after which he fell asleep on my bed, all wrapped up in towels lol.

Got Casey up after about 40 minutes of him napping, so we could get ready to go to the movies. We saw Sherlock Gnomes at the theater in La Crosse. Such a cute movie!! Casey said the middle was scary. I bet it would be! Moriarty was going to smash all the sweet Gnomes!!

When we got home, I launched Mixxx for some reason, and glad I did! I remembered I needed to fix everything for my set tonight! When I changed the output channel from “1-2” to “2” it brought Mixxx into the system’s Volume Mixer and I’m now able to adjust the volume or mute it. Thank the lawd!

All the popcorn left me feeling satiated, so I wasn’t particularly hungry for dinner. When Dave got home, I told him I’d heat up some frozen pizzas. He said that, tomorrow, we should have the frozen pastas he’d gotten. After I thought about it for a while, I thought we’d be better off using up all the fresh produce on the other few vegan recipes I picked out and bought the stuff for. He said that’s fine, he’ll make the pasta for his lunch for the week. Fine by me!

Casey wanted to play tic-tac-toe on my phone, so we played a few rounds of that.

He was ready for bed a little after 8, so we read a couple books and I tucked him in. Been hanging at the club for hours, but mostly AFK for it due to Dave being home and Casey not being in bed yet. Been trying to actively participate for the past hour, since getting Casey tucked in, but it’s kinda slow. The club had been closed for months after one of the owners got hit with two hurricanes in Puerto Rico. It’s not been back open a week yet! It will take time. It hadn’t even been open for long before it was temporarily shut down. We’ll get there. It’s basically a new club.

My set’s in 20 minutes and I’m feeling a lot of anxiety again. Just trying to breathe through it. I can’t afford to take more xanax, I have to stay awake another 2 1/2 hours to make it through my set. I have no reason to be nervous, I’ve done this before, just not for months.

So, that’s about it thus far today.

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