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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dave and I finally sat down and did the divorce paperwork, then I drove out to Sparta to file it with the court. In just 120 days, I will be free from him at last! Well, except for sharing Casey with him. He wasn’t happy about giving me any spousal maintenance, and didn’t even want to give me any child support! What an ass. I ended up agreeing to a measly $300 alimony just to shut him up and avoid getting attorneys involved. And I’m letting him deduct my half of the minimum monthly credit card payments from that! We agreed to let the courts settle the child support.

Once I was back home from filing the paperwork, I got on Second Life and spent much of the rest of the day playing around on there.

I made an awesome batch of Jambalaya, my best yet! Unfortunately, I had to eat it all by my lonesome. I never heard anything at all from Brad, despite sending multiple texts about it. I was not happy about that.

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