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Thursday, October 1, 2020

When I checked my phone after my first alarm started going off, I saw that Brad had finally texted me at around 1am. I was asleep, but usually, his texts still wake me up. I fired off a reply and went back to sleep for a bit since I’d hit the snooze on the alarm.

I drove out to Sparta after my emails were done so I could drop the rent check off. I grabbed some Culver’s to eat on the way home.

Colin gave me a bunch of money in SL, called Linden or L$. Instead of blowing it on stupid gachas, I put it towards our “babies.” Cyn didn’t understand why I wanted to spend money on them, because her avatar is more important to her. I explained that my primary avatar is human, and I already have anything I could possibly need or want for it. Well, for the most part. Basically, the babies became a priority, which is good. I got their “age” updated 13 months since that’s how long they were in my inventory. Well, actually, I accidentally did 15 months instead added onto their age because my brain was too fried to ad 1 to 12 to get 13. After that was updated, I got their “intellect stars” caught up to the age they’re supposed to be, so minus 2 months from what I added.

I wasn’t feeling much better by 6pm and was developing a bit of a sore throat. So, I texted my boss and confirmed that she’d want me to find cover for my Friday shift. Wonderful. At least both missed shifts this week would be 4-hour shifts, but I’m still not happy about missing work. All because of a stupid cold.

I sent another text to Brad but hadn’t heard anything from him by the time I went to bed. It was a pretty early night for me again.

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