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Thursday, November 12, 2020

I got started on laundry just after getting home from dropping Casey off at school. I stuck Cassie in her crate, then got busy. She wasn’t barking, but probably only because she knew I was there.

Aside from laundry, I spent the day playing around on Black Desert by myself. Most of the day I was just doing processing.

Cassie stayed in her crate until a little after noon. She’d cried a bit but didn’t really bark. She didn’t leave any messes in or around the crate either and had been in it for about 4 hours. Hopefully, she can continue to be good in it when I’m not actually there, too.

Casey stayed the night with me, which was especially nice since Shawn was out at a campsite for the day and Jeff was in too much pain to bother getting on. He’d broken a tooth and spent 4 hours at the emergency dentist on Wednesday.

I’m currently fielding messages from a few people. And laying it down, that I’m taking some time to heal but that I’m going to want an actual commitment, not a FWB situation. I’m not trying to do a rebound thing either, but it does no harm to chat with people.

I’d gotten a secondary phone number via Google Voice, so that will be the number I give out to guys I talk to. It’s a lot easier to change a secondary phone number than a primary phone number if anything drastic were to happen, and I can block individual numbers from contacting me as well.

I tried setting up a Google Voice phone number for Colin, but it does seem to require a legitimate phone number in the United States to set it up. It’s frustrating because Google Hangouts is doing away with voice calls so we’ll need a new way to talk. I tried many “free secondary phone number” apps but the verification wouldn’t go through on Google Voice.

Shawn got back early from camping, but I didn’t get to talk with him or do anything with him on Black Desert. And Jeff had said he was going to eat and take meds and then get on, but I never heard anything more from him, either.

I had a Cub Scout Committee Meeting on Zoom at 5:30. I stayed on it for an hour and a half, then Cassie needed to go out and I needed to get Casey’s stuff out so he could get ready for bed. Basically, we decided at the meeting that we’re going to take extra precautions because we don’t want to spread Covid, but we want to try to continue with in-person gatherings. We were supposed to have a campout this weekend, but not many were planning to attend and the weather won’t be the best so it’s getting moved to a virtual gathering.

I actually did end up getting a “Hey, thx” from Brad. I responded with “You’re welcome” and then sent a “Hope all is well.” He replied saying that he’d been busy. Then I said I wouldn’t keep him, that I didn’t want things to get awkward with this new person he’s seeing. A while later I sent another text, just to get out what was on my mind, saying that I’m not a vindictive person, that I only want to see him happy. I said I just wished that it could have been with me, but that I do wish him all the best and am always here for him. I didn’t hear any more from him and ended up crying a bit before bed. Hearing from him brought back the pain I’d been fighting off.

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