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Thursday, January 28, 2021

A while after dropping Casey off at school, I went and picked up Greg and took him to work at the grocery store. He’s offered me gas money many times, I may need to start taking him up on it soon.

Once I’d dropped Greg off, I headed to the county courthouse in Sparta to deliver what was supposed to be the last of the paperwork needed for us to schedule the divorce hearing. They said they also needed our financial disclosures, which we’d filled out for the child support case. So, I went over to the child support office just down the hall and requested the paperwork. They said they could give me mine but that they’d need to at least speak to Dave to get permission to give me his. I spent quite a while there waiting for Dave to call back, all the while they were discussing what to do about it to help me out. Finally, they went and spoke with their attorney and were told that it’s my file and I’m entitled to anything I want from it. So, they gave me the rest of the paperwork and I headed back to the circuit court office only to find out that the form is not the same one they use. They gave me two copies of the form they use and sent me on my not-so-merry way.

I headed home and messed around with my new phone until it was time to pick Casey up from school.

I finally got laundry started later in the evening. I ended up having 2 loads to put through, with only one of the washers working.

Greg had me pick him up around 6 and take him to Tim’s house for a bit so he could check on him because Tim had gotten into a bit of a car accident involving icy roads and a ditch. He spent some time there, and then I went and picked him back up and brought him to my place for the night. It was so nice having him over again! We started watching Step Brothers, a movie he really likes that I’d never seen. But then I was getting tired, so we went to the bedroom.

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