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Thursday & Friday

Thursday, got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

Got on Conan to refresh the bases, then Aura Kingdom and DDO to take care of the auction houses. Launched Antaria Online for a while and played around, but was in a grindy part and didn’t want to deal with it. So, I started searching for MMOs like Zelda. I came across a couple, one was $20 and the other was “Free to Play.” I got both.

Once installed, I launched Portal Knights to check it out. I quickly discovered you could add servers, so I looked up how to do that first. There were some complicated instructions, and I didn’t follow them as closely as I should have. I was able to get into the world fine, though. So I started fiddling around and was really enjoying it. Cyn saw that I was on and said that it had bad reviews, but I told her how much I was enjoying it. She also looked at the system requirements and said it wouldn’t run on her computer. I compared the system requirements to Minecraft, since it was a similar game, and saw that it should run better for her than Minecraft. She didn’t believe me, so I ended up buying her the game to prove her wrong lol. She was able to launch it just fine, but wasn’t able to get in my world. I reviewed the server instructions and took care of the steps I had skipped. Then she was able to get in.

We played on that throughout the rest of the day. It was very similar to Minecraft indeed, but with quests and pets, and vanity armor.

Picked Casey up from school when it was time, then remembered I needed to run to Walmart for some things. He was out of juice boxes, for one. So we headed there and did a bit of shopping. Picked up a couple of take and bake pizzas for dinner as well. Casey was being super helpful, he pushed the cart and scanned the groceries, bagged them, paid for them even. He loaded them in the car, and helped bring them in and put them away when we got home. Then he helped me get the dishes put away. He’d picked out a train when we were at the store and I’d told him he could borrow the money for it, so we figured out how much he’d earned and he gave me the difference.

Then he got on the toilet for a while, before getting on Minecraft. I got back to Portal Knights with Cyn. We’d eventually made it to an island that had merchants where we could buy land to build on, so we both bought the fairy one. After a while we discovered that only one of us needed to buy the title deed. We both started working on our homes. She was frustrated with how the building was, but I was enjoying it more than Minecraft.

Got Casey to bed at the usual time, and kept playing Portal Knights for an hour or two longer with Cyn before heading to bed myself.

Friday, got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home for a little while before Therapy.

Therapy went well, it was very productive. She wants me to fill in this thought journal when I start having negative thoughts. Provided I remember, that’s fine.

Headed back home after Therapy and got on Portal Knights with Cyn. Spent the day doing various things, alternating between questing and building. We were progressing well, and our homes were also really taking shape.

Dave got home from work around 12:30, just as Colin was home and about to get on a call with me. That was frustrating. I figured he was home because of it being Memorial Day weekend. Usually the Military has 4 day weekends for just about everything anyway.

Made sure to get a few chores done, including working on my laundry. But otherwise continued playing Portal Knights until it was time to pick Casey up from school. While I was out for that, I left the server running so Autumn could continue playing, but was able to exit the game itself. It doesn’t seem to like my screensaver too much.

Daniel was at the school to pick up Michael, so that was nice to be able to see him again. We haven’t been talking much, though, since the whole “focus on my relationship with God” thing from several days ago. Michael asked me if Casey could go with him to the back playground to play some game, so I said yes. We spent some time with them, but then they had to go inside, presumably so Michael could go to the bathroom. We followed them to the parent pickup doors, and waited a while there for them. Then Casey had to go to the bathroom, too. So we went inside, and first tried to find Daniel and Michael, but couldn’t. Casey went to the bathroom, and when we went back outside, Daniel’s car was gone. That would fucking figure.

Headed back home, Casey got on the toilet and I got back on Portal Knights with Cyn. Once Casey was done in the bathroom, he got on Minecraft on his computer until it was time for bed, which was about an hour later than usual since he had a long weekend. Got him tucked in, then got back to Portal Knights.

At one point, Cyn crashed. And when she came back, she’d lost 2 levels and some items that were on her when she’d crashed. She was very frustrated, as I would be too. She said she didn’t want to play anymore, which I thought was a little much. I recommended she relog more frequently, and she was talking about it like she’d have to relog every 5 minutes and that it would be annoying to do so, and we ended up having a bit of an argument. We recovered quickly from it, thankfully, and I tried looking up information for her on fixes for having lost levels. She decided to stay off for the night, which is understandable. If there was a fix, anything she did would have to be reverted anyway.

I’d been working on building, so I kept doing that until I was ready for bed myself.

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