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Thursday & Friday

So, Wednesday night slept the same as always. Getting up a bit earlier for the bus, though, wasn’t as challenging as I’d thought.

The plan was to get our shoes on about 7:05 or so, so we could head out the door at 7:10.

Well, we had our shoes on by 7:09, at which point we saw TWO busses go past the stop. The first stopped and collected some older kids, the second had an older male driver and, since there were no kids left to collect, he didn’t stop. I suspect the 2nd one was Casey’s bus. We walked out the door at 7:10 and waited at the bus stop about 5 or so minutes, just to be sure. Nope, no more bus came. So, about 17 past we headed to my car and I drove him to school. He still got extra time to play outside, though, for which I’m sure he was thankful!

Got back home and got on SL, after my usual brief time spent on Wiz doing gardens and such. We (Colin & I) ended up buying a new mesh picket fence to go around our property. The one we had up was just a flat prim that Colin textured, and it wasn’t as nice as we wanted. The new mesh one took up 60 land impact, but is so worth it in our opinions!

After that we did a bit more work in the Castle skybox. A skybox is just like a home of sorts that you put thousands of meters in the sky. It’s much less laggy in the sky, but not as luxurious as having real grass and the sun and moon and stars outside.

Had a friend, Shovvan, over to check out the Castle in the sky after we’d done a bit more decorating. Shovvan once had in “her” profile that she was actually a he, married in RL, and that his wife plays his twin sister on SL. But “she” took that out. We have gone back and forth on what to call Shovvan, he or she, and have settled on she, since she looks like a girl on SL. She loved how the Castle looked.

That took up much of the day. Dave got home about 5, which is a couple hours earlier than what has been the usual lately.

Casey was actually napping on my bed when Dave got home.

Dinner was just leftovers, we ended up both having Chili. Dave asked if I used a different seasoning, saying it tasted more ketchupy than normal. I said no, but that I might not have put enough in. It tasted fine to me, but I had seasoned meat in mine.

Did my usual in the evening, which has basically become standing watch over my gardens on Wiz waiting for the time to pass, while simultaneously scrolling through Facebook.

While I was doing that, Dave cleaned up the living room so he could get out his old Hot Wheels garage and car wash out for Casey to be able to play with. Casey had been asking for it. He woke up while the vacuum was going, so I whispered to him what was going on. He was excited to get down there and get everything up and running.

Once we got Casey’s “important stuff” done at night, he asked if we could have a slumber party. I said, I suppose we could. So we crawl into bed together, since I always lay by him until he falls asleep for our slumber parties. I ended up falling asleep, computer still running, me still on SL on Firestorm, phone laying on the desk not plugged in. I woke up about 2:30a.m. to take my glasses off, but was still in my PJs (I never wear PJs to bed lol). I didn’t bother to get up and sort things out, I just went back to sleep. I woke up about 9:30 feeling like I’d slept on an operating table for 12 hours. It was awful.

During the night, I got a message from our SL landlord, that our weather system was creating too much SIM lag. I resized the area of it to only cover one of our houses on our land, the cabin in the back corner. I asked Leah, the landlord, to check the SIM and see if that was ok. She said it was MUCH better. I told her I don’t mind having the weather system over just the cabin anyway. Works for me.

Colin had been wanting to get a dance system for our home for the longest time, pretty much since we’ve been together. We finally splurged on one. I pulled out all the single dances I could get my hands on from items we own, and put them all into the machine. We’d also bought a few couples dances over the years, so I put those in as well. Once the system was up and running, I put out a few “calling posts.” Just little objects around the property, both in the sky and down below, that allow us to “call” the machine to dance from anywhere on our property.

Somewhere in there, Casey fell asleep on my bed. I kinda like that he’s started napping again.

Dave got home earlier than usual again. Around the time he got home, Casey woke up and groggily said he felt wet all over. He’d been so toasty warm and comfy in my bed, he’d started to pee. Got him unwrapped from the blanket and got his clothes off, cleaned him up a bit, and stripped my bed. What fun, I’d have to do more laundry than I’d anticipated. I wasn’t even planning on folding the clothes in the dryer yet, but now I’d have to. Got my bedding all in one load into the washer.

I made “breakfast for dinner.” I’d had an upset tummy and intense anxiety all afternoon, though, so I didn’t actually eat. Dave chowed down on some bacon, for the newly converted Vegan he claims to be lol. Hell, who can resist bacon??

Casey kept saying he was getting hurt here, there, and everywhere. He was getting whiny and fussy about it. One thing after another. He’s always like this after slumber parties. He always wants them, but never sleeps as good as he does in his own bed, and everybody pays for it the next day. We really need to stop giving in to the whole “slumber party” thing.

Spent the evening on SL parked at the club, demoing new hairstyles, until it was time to get Casey to bed. Got his important stuff done, read him a book, tucked him in, and then it was time to get ready for my DJ set on SL. It also happened to be time to get my bedding put back on my bed. I managed to do both, at the same time, actively. It helps that my computer is in my bedroom lol.

Had a halfway decent set. Not the best tips, but a couple of good people, and some good conversation.

I was still a little wired after my set, so I changed into my SL PJs and showed Colin the new hair I’d bought. Around the time I was finally done messing with that stuff, I was finally ready for bed.

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