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Thursday & Friday

Got to bed ok Wednesday night, starting to get to bed earlier when I have to get up earlier the next day. Slept ok, I suppose. Got Casey off to school, then hopped on SL to get dressed. Got on Minecraft for a while.

Dave invited me out for coffee, and I picked a place called Revolution in Black River Falls, about 30 miles away. We headed there, and had a nice quiet drive. The place served coffee, wine, craft beer, and a small selection of food. We ordered lunch and coffees.

Over lunch, he kept making comments about divorce and next wife and shit like that. I was getting more and more irritated by it. Why even bother doing nice things like that together if he’s just going to say shit like that??

After lunch we headed back home. I didn’t have much time before I had to go pick Casey up from school, and after that I had very little time again before I had to head to Onalaska for my follow-up for my knee.

The appointment went ok, the doctor showed me the brace she wants me to get if the cortisone injection doesn’t work.

The brace.

So, I accepted the cortisone injection. It hurt pretty bad when the needle and medicine went in, mostly when the needle went in. She had to inject pretty much straight into the joint. She’d put antiseptic that numbed a bit, and told me when it wore off I’d be in some pain. I have another appointment in 6 weeks. If the cortisone is helping, I cancel and make an appointment when it’s wearing off. If it’s not helping, I go back in for the brace fitting.

After the appointment, I went to Walmart. Casey had said the Tsum Tsum thing he wanted, he’d seen there, and I felt like looking. Toys R Us was already officially closed. 😥 I couldn’t find the Tsum Tsum, but I got a few other things.

After Walmart, I went and got gas at Woodman’s and then dinner from Arby’s to eat on the drive home. The last 20 or so minutes of the drive I was crying, hard, from the pain. I almost had to pull over. But I persisted and made it home. I struggled to get up the stairs and to my room. I collapsed into my computer chair and got on Minecraft to try and distract myself from the pain. Casey and Dave were both asleep in Dave’s bed. Distraction via Minecraft didn’t work very well, but at least I was resting.

When the pain eased up just a bit, I got in the shower. That was stupid, it just made the pain come back.

I can’t do that every 4 months. I just can’t. Even if the cortisone is a miracle, I can’t have it wearing off every few months, then have that torture to deal with for a while before it kicks back in. I’m going to insist on the brace.

I continued to play on Minecraft. Dave transferred Casey to his own bed. I stayed up until about 11 or 11:30, and then headed to bed.

Got up early this morning after a halfway decent night’s sleep. We headed out to the Dells to have breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s. It was delicious and a nice time.

After breakfast, Dave asked what we should do. I suggested the Duck Boat Tour. He seemed interested, but he just started driving. I told him which way to go, and he started to follow my instructions. Then he took a random left turn. A little ways down that road, he asks where to go. I told him he needed to turn around. We started heading back towards downtown, because he’d mentioned seeing a dock there that we could get on from. That was a different kind of tour, though. So then we headed into downtown, because they had places there you could get on, but that was just a shuttle to the Duck Tours facility. So, we started heading back there. I ended up turning GPS on. I tried telling him, that I had told him to go straight and he took a random left turn, and he starts arguing with me telling me that I wasn’t giving good directions or some bullshit. No, David, you took a random left turn I didn’t tell you to take. He told me to stop arguing and wouldn’t let me talk. I told him just to take us home if he was going to act like that. But, the GPS was still going, so he followed it.

The Duck Boat Tour was nice enough, and he wasn’t an asshat for it. Afterward he said he wanted to find a place that had ice cream. So, I got on my phone again. And he started driving before I had found a place. I mentioned that I was still looking, and he was like, I just want to see what’s down this road. So I found a place, and he kept driving. I didn’t even bother trying to talk, for fear of a repeat of earlier. He finally asked where we were going. I mentioned I didn’t know, that he’d just started driving. He started being a dick again. I told him he needed to turn around and head to downtown. So we get to where we need to turn to go downtown, and he mentions another ice cream place. I said I was going to go to one downtown, but we could go to that one. We went to the one downtown.

The ice cream was pretty good, but probably not worth the price for what we get. Fair enough portions, but not the fairest price. After we were done with our ice creams, we headed out and walked up and down a couple blocks, stopping in to look at a couple places. I was getting pretty tired, but I didn’t want to say anything because Dave always bitches about me ruining his good times.

After a couple hours, Casey was starting to get cranky, so we headed to the car and Dave drove us home. I almost fell asleep on the way, but not quite.

Once we got home I headed straight to my room and got my computer set up to get on Minecraft. Casey grabbed his tablet to sit on the toilet. Dave went to the grocery store to get a few things he needed to make flatbread pizzas, then made that when he got home.

Once Casey’s tablet ran out of time, so after 2 hours of sitting on the toilet, he finally came out of the bathroom. We ate dinner together.

After dinner, we both got on Minecraft. He only had about a couple hours, and then it was time to do his important stuff. He did that, and I got him tucked in. Then got back on Minecraft.

Autumn decided she wanted to build a bridge to the nearest village as well, so I helped her with that for a while. Then, when she got to a turn and I wasn’t able to help anymore, I started on this.

I’m getting a little sleepy, so I may get to bed soon. I’m not sure yet. I only just took my sleepy pills about half an hour ago. And I have the munchies. I need to get back on the slim fast, but it’s hard when Dave’s home, about as hard as it is when I’m glued to Minecraft or any other thing on the computer and lose track of time.

Anyway, will get to bed soon. Tomorrow Dave’s going to see his brother in Illinois, since it’s the day of the baby shower and it’s women only. I’m just glad for a day without him. I can’t wait for him to go back to work.

Ok, rambling now more than necessary. Until next time…

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