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Thursday & Friday

Slept kinda ok on Wednesday night, but have just been so stressed out lately! I guess just, because of my knee pain and the lack of help around the house.

Got Casey up and off to school, then had to rush to the doctor’s office to have blood drawn for routine lab work.

Went home, got on SL and parked, and had some coffee while I played on Minecraft for a bit, then back to the doctor’s office for physical therapy. Pushed myself harder than I wanted to, given the amount of pain I’m always in these days. Katie was glad that I was more flexible than at the previous appointment, anyway. Let her know how much pain I was still (always) in, and she put a steroid pain patch on me. I was to wear it for 14 hours, but that would have me up in the middle of the night to take it off. She said it was fine to leave it on longer, that I could take it off when I got up in the morning.

Went back home and got some more coffee, took care of my free book & paid emails, then got back on Minecraft until it was time to pick Casey up from school.

Got home and had to make Casey sit on the toilet right away. While he was on the toilet, I started working on cleaning the fish tank. It hadn’t been cleaned since around the time of my surgery, so over 2 months ago. My knee just hasn’t been right, but it was overdue and clearly nobody else was going to clean it. As I was vacuuming out the tank, I realized there was no way I had enough water to get the job done right. It would require at least double again what I had originally, so that I could vacuum all the nastiness out. So, once Casey was done trying to go potty, we headed to Walmart.

Got the fishy water (they’ve gotten accustomed to the betta water), then headed to grocery to pick up some additional spring water, because they didn’t have enough betta water in stock, as well as a few other groceries.

Got home, put the groceries away, then Casey and I worked together to get the tank the rest of the way clean. We used all but 2 liters of betta water, and I would have kept vacuuming but didn’t want to run completely out of the water.

After that, I sat down for a while and played Minecraft, letting Casey watch but not play.

Had a TV Dinner for dinner, while playing Minecraft. Casey was wandering about the house, but he was irritable because he was so bored. Well, hopefully he’ll have better behavior after being grounded from all his favorite things. One can only hope.

Played Minecraft off and on throughout the evening and into the night. Casey ended up playing with play-doh until it was time for him to go to bed, but then it was back to Minecraft for me. I didn’t stay up as late as I expected, given that I could sleep in the following day.

In the middle of the night, around 4:30 or 5am, I had a bad charlie horse in my right (bad) leg. It kept me up about an hour before the cramp eased up enough that I could lay back down. And then I heard Dave up and getting ready for work, so that kept me up a bit. When I finally got back to sleep, it seemed like moments later I had a bedmate (Casey). He kept poking and prodding me, trying to snuggle. His skin felt either too hot for me or too cold for me, varying based on my own body temperature fluctuating as I was starting to wake up. At one point, he touched my back, and I jumped because it was freezing cold to my skin. He got out of my bed and went to his room and started crying. I got up and asked him why he was crying, and he said it was because he was trying to snuggle with me and I got mad at him. I had to explain to him that I wasn’t mad at him, that I was just still trying to sleep and his skin was cold when he touched me.

By then, which was around 8 or so, I was up for the day. Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, then got on Minecraft. I got Casey set up with some drawing and coloring for the day. He would come watch me from time to time, but was generally pretty good about staying with his other activities. I was worried that, on a full day off, he’d bug the crap out of me trying to get access to his tablet, my nintendo, or his laptop.

He did keep bugging the crap out of me about food, though! I think he was just eating out of boredom. He had oatmeal for breakfast, cereal a little while after, and then a PB&J, then some goldfish crackers, and that was all before 2pm. Then he kept bugging me for more food, and I kept telling him he didn’t need anymore until we went to Culver’s with Grammy and Grampy. My parents were getting to town for dinner and staying a couple nights.

Finally my parents arrived and we went to Culver’s to eat. I got the bacon cheeseburger, and then a Reese’s Concrete Mixer (like Dairy Queen’s Blizzard) for dessert. Casey had chicken tenders & fries, and then a scoop of vanilla with M&M’s on top.

My parents bought Casey a T-Ball set and also this “lego” (generic) set that was a Wisconsin Badger’s trainer’s cart. I put that together while we all chatted. Dave was home by then and I’d brought him some Culver’s, so he sat and ate and chatted with all of us, too.

After the trainer cart was assembled, my parents made their way out and back to the hotel for the night. Dave was done with his homework by then, so he took Casey down to the living room and they watched Disney Junior together for a while. It was Casey’s first time having the TV back since the other night.

I was back to Minecraft while they watched TV. Once Casey was ready for bed, I got him tucked in, then got back on Minecraft with Autumn.

We turned mobs back on, went through the portal to the “Nether” and hunted down “Wither Skeletons” to collect their heads. We needed at least 3 to assemble “The Wither” to fight later on. During our time there, Autumn got killed by a “Blaze.” I hid in a corner until she found her way back to me, and then we got lost trying to get back to the portal to return home. So, Autumn ended up killing herself, since she was low on XP after her earlier death anyway, so she could get the coordinates to the portal. She found her way back to me again, and we made our way out and home.

The time we spent there hunting, the few close calls I had with both enemies and sudden ledges I nearly fell off of, as well as her repeated deaths, getting lost, and finding our way back out all had me pretty wired. I didn’t get to bed until around 4am.

I’ll try to post about today before bed, but I’ll probably forget. At least I’m relatively caught up again!

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