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Thursday & Friday

Slept ok, I suppose, Wednesday night, for being sick and having trouble breathing. Woke up somewhat early, because I was supposed to meet with the gal from DonJoy and then go to PT. Unfortunately, I was still having too difficult a time breathing, so I called and canceled both.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, did my dice roll on DDO, and hopped on Aura. I held off on the gardens on Wiz because it was so early.

Played on Aura Kingdom on and off all day. Checked my gardens on Wiz in the mid-afternoon, though. Also got the birthday balloon mount I’d stupidly missed out on last year. Casey did a variety of things, from his tablet to the Nintendo to resting and watching movies downstairs.

Dave got home early and had brought a few groceries with him. He’d gotten a couple of pizzas for him and Casey to share. He said he figured I’d already have eaten one of my frozen dinners. So, I ordered a dinner box from Pizza Hut.

That’s pretty much it for Thursday. Got Casey to bed ok and got to bed at a reasonable time myself. Slept ok, but woke up earlier than intended. Guess I’m getting the sleep I need.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, skipped the gardens because I’d done it so late on Thursday, did my dice roll on DDO though. Then it was on to Aura Kingdom.

Dave was home for a 4 day weekend. I haven’t talked to Colin since Tuesday.

Casey and I did a bit of his “homework” that we need to get done before school starts on Tuesday. It was mostly stuff for me to fill out, but I did need his answers to a few questions about himself, like what his current favorite colors are and things like that.

Other than that, it was Aura Kingdom on and off all day for me, and Casey stuck to watching stuff on the TV downstairs all day while resting. Hopefully soon we get to feeling better!

Kept pushing the fluids, hot and cold beverages alike.

Got Casey to bed a bit earlier, he’s just so exhausted from being sick.

Didn’t stay up too late myself. Just so tired and needing the rest.

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