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Finished catching up on NCIS: New Orleans last night. When I was done, I didn’t feel quite sleepy enough to bed, but was exhausted enough to try. I think I got to bed around 11:30. Had to set my alarm for 7:30 so I would wake up with enough time to drink my coffee and get my usual stuff done before heading out for Mick and Chip’s birthday party.

Woke up feeling pretty groggy and sore. Took me a few minutes to get out of bed. When I got up, Casey was already awake. I wish he’d sleep in later. I grabbed my coffee, then got on SL to get dressed. I still didn’t have any need to get on Wiz, so I just hopped on Sims 4 instead.

Colin had an appointment in the morning, so I didn’t get to talk to him before we left to meet Courtney at the park for the party.

We left about 9:45. I stopped at Aldi first. A few weeks ago, I’d seen an ab lounge type machine for only $10. I doubted they still had any, considering there was only one in stock at the time a few weeks ago, but I wanted to check. I had Casey go ahead and pick up a couple things for Mick and Chip on the way to the section where I’d seen the ab thing. The ab thing wasn’t there, but I looked carefully as we headed back up front toward the registers, and ended up seeing one. Only one in stock, and in a different location, but they had it! I didn’t see a price on it, but our total at checkout indicated it was still only $10. I was super excited! Since I can’t do exercises that involve my leg, this will give me a way to still work out!

After we paid at Aldi, we headed to the park to meet up with Courtney. Casey was excited to see Mick and Chip, he’s been asking about playing with them nearly every day for weeks. Courtney keeps them pretty busy, though, so we just haven’t been able to. I got to talk to Courtney and her friends she’d also invited. It was nice.

I told Courtney about going to the 4k party on the last day of school, and how Casey got pinched by Lonnie and my parents just looked at me and said “Casey’s crying,” but didn’t get up to check on him for me. That I’d had to chase all over the playground after him while they sat on their asses. She looked like she was about as irritated with them as I was!

Casey looked sad at one point, so I called him over to me. He said he was upset because Mick and Chip didn’t want to play with him. I assured him they did want to play with him, but that they also wanted to play with their other friends who were there. He drank a juice box and headed back out to play some more.

Then I heard him start to cry. Courtney went to check on him for me, and he’d bumped his head pretty hard on the playground equipment when he was trying to stand up. I was sitting right next to her cooler, so I grabbed an ice pack out of it and put it on his head. He felt a little better, but I’d need to stop by the house and grab some children’s pain medicine for him. Poor little guy.

Courtney and her friend that was there, I forget her name already, rounded up their kids and we all headed to our cars. Casey said he hadn’t gotten to find a new rock for his new rock collection, so I told him to go ahead and find one quick while I hobbled over to my car. The timing worked out pretty well doing it that way. He found a rock and I’d only made it about half the distance from where we’d been sitting to my car.

We went back home and parked the car, went inside and got Casey some pain pills, and I unloaded a few things from my purse. Grabbed my phone and we headed back out the door and across the street to Courtney’s house for the rest of the party.

She’d gotten cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and chicken and artichoke pizza, as well as cheesy bread, all from Papa Murphy’s, which is my favorite pizza place around here. She cooked it up and served the moms some adult beverages while the kids all played downstairs. When the kids pizzas were done, we let them eat at the table while we stood around the kitchen talking. The kids all managed to eat pretty quickly, and then the chicken and artichoke pizza was done so the kids went downstairs and the moms took back the kitchen table. We ate our pizza while they played, and then Courtney asked the kids if they were ready for the slip and slide.

At first, I hadn’t been planning to stay for the slip and slide. I was hoping to be able to talk to Colin for a while in the afternoon. But, it turned out Dave had gotten home just then anyway, so Casey and I went home to change him into his swim shorts, and we headed back to Courtney’s to have some fun in the sun. Casey didn’t want to play on the slip and slide because he didn’t have his goggles over his eyes, so I sent him back home to get them and texted Dave so he’d know Casey was on his way over. Casey was already wearing his goggles when he got back to Courtney’s, and he had tons of fun walking down the slip and slide. One day he’ll be flopping down on it like any other kid, lol.

After a good while on the slip and slide, Courtney rounded the kids up for cake and presents. The cake was super yummy! Mick and Chip opened their presents pretty quick. Then Courtney brought out a sprinkler for the kids to run through, and they all had fun doing that too.

I was getting pretty tired from all the activity, and I figured Casey probably was as well, so I got him to grab his stuff and we headed back home. I helped Casey get changed back into some dry clothes, and urged him to go lay down by Dave, who was taking a nap, and take a nap with daddy. He didn’t argue about it, grabbed his pillows and a couple stuffed animals, and I didn’t hear much out of them for a couple hours.

While they napped, I made myself another cup of coffee and drank it while I took care of my free book and paid emails, and then hopped on Sims 4. I did a little bit, but wasn’t really in the mood to play it. I was able to chat with Colin on SL a bit.

My new power bank arrived, so I got that plugged in. It’s quite a bit larger than I expected, but it’ll work. The Mrs. Murphy’s cleaning supplies also arrived, so I got it all out of its packaging, opened each bottle for a sniff, and set it all in the bucket and left it on the counter for Dave to see when he got up.

I had an idea for SL, to make some really large letters for in the sky above our shop. The idea is for them to show up on the map, so when people are looking at the map our lot will stand out. I couldn’t be bothered making them myself, so I found some for cheap on the marketplace. I was even able to get them set up with a temp-rez system, which is a system that makes objects not take up land impact. That was pretty nice.

Then I was having some issues with my graphics on SL. I tried relogging, and that didn’t fix it. I tried clearing my cache, that didn’t fix it. I started noticing problems with Opera as well, so I checked to see if Windows Updates were being installed. They weren’t, but there were some virus definition updates so I installed those. I restarted my computer, got everything going again, and tried getting on SL again. I was still having problems. So I said to hell with it, parked anyway, and started a bath.

While I soaked in the bath, I scrolled through Facebook and looked at clickbait type stories. I usually avoid them like the plague, but the two I saw interested me. Then Casey came in, holding the nintendo, and announced that he had to poop. He asked if he could poop while I took a bath. I figured he probably wouldn’t be able to actually poop, since he’s been having trouble a lot lately, so I said that was fine. I went ahead and started washing up. Once I was clean, I tried to stand up so I could do a final rinse under the shower.

Then all hell broke loose.

I slipped and landed on my bad knee. Oh the pain was something else, unlike any I’ve felt yet with my knee. I was crying pretty damn hard, so hard that Casey said it was hurting his ears. I managed to get to my feet another way, rinsed off in the shower while crying my eyes out, and got out of the shower. Casey kept telling me to take deep breaths, because that’s what I tell him when he’s crying like that. Sweet little guy. I hobbled back into my room and sat down to cry some more. Not once did Dave check on me. He did check on Casey, though. But not me.

Once I calmed down, I got into my PJs, hung up that towel, brushed my hair and hung up that towel (a turbie twist), and then put some lotion on my aching feet. For some reason, when I wear flip-flops, my feet get really dry and cracked. Dave had mentioned it at one point and I didn’t think I’d be able to maneuver to put lotion on or do anything with them, but I managed to tonight, even after my escapade in the bath. Then I sat back down at the computer and started typing this up.

Now it’s about time to get Casey to do his important stuff. I’m not sure how I’m even going to get out of this chair, much less get things ready for him to get back to bed. I suppose I’ll figure it out. I always do.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight. I’m caught up on all my shows. I did remember to cancel CBS All Access last night when I was done, but the subscription is still active until the 27th. I don’t have any other shows to watch on there, though. I may look for a good movie to lift my spirits. Or a sappy romance to remind me of all the things I want but can’t have because I can’t bring myself to leave my narcissistic asshole of a husband. Not that I could afford to live on my own anyway, with no job and no money of my own.

Blah. Anyway. On to try and enjoy some of my evening before going to bed. I might even have some wine!

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