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Got up earlier than expected, just after 6am. Got my latte and got on SL to park, while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school and headed back home. Got on Conan to refresh the bases and took some screen shots so Autumn could see it, then got on Minecraft with her.

Played Minecraft on and off all day. Autumn hadn’t slept at all, so she ended up logging off to get some rest, and I proceeded to create a couple new worlds for us to play together in sometime. One was a Fallout Mash-Up, and the other was an Ultimate Mini Games world. I didn’t play at all in them, just created them, installed the mods in them, and made sure they loaded ok.

When Autumn woke up, she got back on Minecraft with me in the main world. Spent a lot of time in creative, doing this and that as part of our building process. I think we both felt a little bad that we were spending so much time in Creative mode, but I’d already built the entire main house in Survival and it’s tedious to do it that way when alternatives are there. One thing we (she) built was a little camping area with a fishing pond next to our house. It’s super cute. Then she got started on a public Aquarium while I was getting Casey from school.

Got him on the toilet and took care of some laundry while he was in the bathroom. I needed to get his stuff in the dryer, so it had to be done.

After he was done in the bathroom, he asked for some Mac & Cheese, so I took the opportunity to get Spaghetti started for me and Dave while getting Casey’s dinner prepared. I didn’t use meat, instead used green peppers, onions, and mushrooms in the sauce.

When Casey got on Minecraft, he asked for help with his dome. I teleported to him, but he’d already finished fixing it himself lol. So, I headed back “home” and told him to let me know when he was ready for me to teleport him to the snowy area. He got ready quick and then I brought him to me and he got started on building.

Took a break to take a shower, then got Casey ready for bed. It was a tiny bit later than I should have, he really needs to be getting read to by 8pm so he gets enough sleep.

Autumn finished the aquarium and it’s amazing!! I was in awe. Casey’s going to love it!

We took a short break so she could rest her fingers and stretch out her back, and then we headed to the Nether in Survival mode with mobs on. That was scary! A ghast ruined a good bit of the track we’d set up too. So then we spent some time repairing that as well as enclosing the bridge and turning it into a tunnel instead.

When we got back from that trip, we logged off and got on Aura Kingdom together, since it was almost 11pm our time and the Paragon table and other things would tick over for the next day. Then we both logged off to go to bed, it was just past 11.

Didn’t hear from Colin at all. The whole day I was a rollercoaster of emotions. One second I was gleeful about Daniel and the next I was devastated about Colin.

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