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Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I hadn’t slept well the night before, despite being in a real bed for the first time in 2 years. See, Max had voluntarily jumped on my bed. So I delicately curled up next to him with a blanket that was too small. I got too cold in the night, but didn’t want to disturb my sleepy kitty, so I just laid in bed freezing.

Dropped Casey off at school then came back home and got on DDO to check what’d sold on the auction house, then Aura Kingdom to do the same there. Then I hopped on Conan to refresh the bases. It was around that time that I heard from Colin, and we ended up doing a few dungeons on DDO once I’d made myself some pancakes.

Our brains were fried around the time that the trundle was delivered, around 12:30. So, I put that together, taking frequent breaks since I had to bend over a lot and was getting head rushes, plus I was tired and achy from the hard work lately and from not sleeping much.

Once the trundle was put together and situated, I sat back down and we just kinda hung out and chatted. There wasn’t a whole lot of time before I had to go pick up Casey anyway. I used the time that we weren’t doing anything on a game or SL to get chores done, before I was too worn out to do them.

Got off the call with Colin about 20 minutes before going to get Casey. Went and picked him up, then went to Walmart. I needed sheets for the trundle regardless, and thought some take & bake pizza sounded good for dinner.

Shortly after getting the (plain purple) sheets on the trundle mattress, the package from Amazon with the duvet cover set and the sheet set was delivered. Only problem was, they sent a queen size duvet cover set which was ordered, with a twin duvet cover set instead of the twin sheet set that was ordered. I let my mom know, and she said she’d do a return, but for me to go ahead and order the sheets and she’d send me the money for them. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but I might do that. Got the queen duvet cover put over the comforter and all zipped up, and got the shams on the decor pillows just about the time Dave got home. I’d already preheated the oven by that point, so I went ahead and put the pizzas in.

Had some dinner then got on Aura Kingdom with Autumn. But, Casey was being fussy and I was tabbing or going afk a lot. There really wasn’t much point in being on there, but she’d asked me about doing some event with her and I hadn’t spent any time with her lately, just chatted a bit on discord.

Got Casey to do his bedtime stuff and then tucked him in. At last was able to get started on Aura Kingdom event stuff. I guess they’re celebrating their 50th patch with all kinds of stuff, including some Eidolon contest involving doing dungeons in party mode. We did a few of those, then I started getting drowsy.

Took care of my nighttime phone notifications and got this typed up, then we’re going to do one more dungeon, or try to anyway, before I head to bed. With the comforter in place, I should be good to go for tonight, and am hoping to get a better night’s sleep.

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