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Got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home. Got changed on SL, then hopped on Minecraft.

Spent the day on Minecraft with Colin. He met me at the jungle base, where I was just hanging around. He built a house there as well, and found himself a couple parrots. His parrots kept alerting him to a witch being nearby, so I kept trying to go hunting for her so I could kill her. I could never find her, though, so a witch roams freely around there somewhere. A little disconcerting.

Autumn went to the grocery store and then was home only a short while before she went to see Detective Pikachu with Jordan. She said it was cute but not necessarily the most child-friendly, with some adult humor and Pikachu saying “damn.” I’d still probably take Casey to it, if it’s rated appropriately.

Picked Casey up from school and took him to Walmart to pick out something for his teacher and assistant. He ended up picking out some cute little hedgehog planters with flowers in them, which Autumn had recently bought one of herself. We also picked out a couple succulents for our rooms.

Went back home and had Casey help me with some chores. He helped clean off the kitchen table and put away the clean dishes.

Heard from Elijah’s mom as we were wrapping up chores. Elijah was Casey’s first best friend. They’re moving back down to Texas on Saturday and I’d asked Gina if she thought we could get the boys together before they had to go. She invited us to join them at McDonald’s, so Casey picked out a Hot Wheel to give to Elijah, and off we went.

Spent a couple hours with them at McDonald’s and then headed back home and started getting ready for bed. Got Casey tucked in, then got back on Minecraft. I ended up building a chest room at the jungle base.

I heard from Autumn again, but she was acting kinda off and didn’t say anything about getting on a game or SL or anything. So, once I was done with the jungle chest room, I logged out and went to bed.

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