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I woke up feeling stiff and sore after a pretty rough night’s sleep but got to feeling better after a short while. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

I was reflecting a lot on what I’d discovered the night before, with Brad’s AFF profile being turned back on. I came to terms with it and felt better. We’d never discussed turning off our profiles for each other, we turned them off because we were pissed off at the site. We never discussed being exclusive to each other, just that if we slept with anyone else we’d start using condoms together. He knows I have feelings for him and probably what they are, but I haven’t come out and said it out loud. And for all I know, love or not, he may want to live a sort of swinging lifestyle or poly lifestyle, which I’ve done in the past. I’m not sure if I can really bring myself to do that again or not, but it’s nothing we’ve talked about and probably should. We need to have a conversation about all of these things, in person.

I’d started working on my free book & paid emails, but decided to head to Target in Onalaska to look at their storage options. Something that would look nice atop my 6-cube organizer. I found something I thought would probably work, so I got that and headed back home after stopping at the Culver’s drive-thru for some early lunch.

I set to work rearranging things in my closet and in the new drawer unit and finally felt pretty satisfied with how my room was looking. I couldn’t say it was perfect necessarily, but it’s pretty damn nice. The new drawer unit looks much better than how I had it before, with a mish-mash of drawers and tubs.

I left the house early for parent pick-up because I needed to stop by the housing office to drop off the renewal form. Even though Dave had said I have until July 1st to move out, I’m assuming he intended to renew the lease. He hadn’t chosen an option on the form, so I circled it and headed to the office. I chatted with Missy for a bit about how things have been going, and it turns out she’d been married to a narcissist as well. We wrapped up our conversation when it was time for me to head to the school and pick up Casey.

Once school was out, I collected Casey and we headed home. I got a bath started for him, but he sat on the toilet for a while before he finally got in. While he was washing up, I made him some tacos. I made quesadillas for myself out of the few ingredients I had. They were actually pretty good, with just beans, cheese, and onion.

While he’d been soaking in the tub, I got on Minecraft and figured out how to install mods on the Xbox using the new method, since Microsoft had done away with the built-in file explorer. I installed my beloved backpack mod and applied it to one world, and for now, that will probably be the only world I use it in. That will be less to keep up with when updates roll out.

We headed to the Cub Scouts Den Meeting at the usual time. It went ok, but the kids were more energetic than usual and it was stressing me out.

After the meeting was finally over, we headed back home and I had Casey get a snack before getting ready for bed. I read to him a little later than usual and got him tucked in.

I’d been logged into Astellia for much of the afternoon already, and after Casey was in bed I finally thought to mention to Cyn about the Sprout event they have going on. There are a couple of quests that give you these sprout things you can trade for things at a special merchant. She got on to look at it, and we agreed it wasn’t quite as nice as it seemed because the quest that gave the most sprouts was a weekly so it would take a month to get the sprouts we wanted to trade in for the reward box. We ran a dungeon anyway for the quest, then ran another before heading to the new map we’ll be questing in. I was getting tired by that point, and I think Cyn was too, so we said goodnight.

I’d gotten on AFF’s Instant Messenger while we were playing, and spent some time chatting with a few people. I wrapped up those conversations while logging out of Astellia, shut everything down and headed to bed.

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