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The Weekend

Slept ok Friday night, not the best but not the worst either. Set my alarm so I could get up at a reasonable time on Saturday. I figured Dave had the day off, since he’d asked about going to Appleton.

Took care of my usual with dressing on SL, gardening on Wiz, and hopping on the Sims 4.

When Colin woke up, about 11:30 my time, Dave was just talking about taking Casey for lunch and to the Armed Forces Day celebration on post. No mention was made of taking me with, which was just as well to me since Casey was being whiny and fussy. So, got to talk to Colin for a couple hours while the boys were out.

While we were talking, I decided to get the final bundle deal I could for the Sims. I let them download, which didn’t take very long, while I got a few things done around the house. Once they were installed, I launched and started getting a bunch of errors with one of my mods I had installed. It just kept failing time after time. I checked and saw my computer was in the process of doing a Windows update. I decided to let it do it’s thing and not worry about the Sims until it was done.

For dinner, I made a Home Chef vegetarian pizza. I didn’t have to do much for it, but my knee was still killing me afterward. It’s times like that I’m tempted to just stop taking the Zoloft for a day or two and take the percocets instead.

At least the dinner turned out pretty good, especially considering it was vegetarian and I used different cheeses than what Home Chef had originally sent.

Windows update was finally nearing the point of needing a computer restart when I sat back down after dinner. I got tired of waiting, though, and tried to load my save in the Sims. Got an error right away. I kept deleting the save data from a couple of my mods, but even that wasn’t fixing things. I posted on the forum pages for the mods seeking assistance, but it’d probably be a while before any responses came in. I checked Origin for game updates. There was one, so I let it install. Still got errors. So I ran a repair on the game. Still got errors.

Finally the Windows update called for my computer to be restarted, so I did that. I hoped that maybe that was why I was getting the errors. First I went into one of my other characters to test things, and it worked fine. So then I went into my usual character. It was working fine again. Yay! I was really worried I’d have to start my character all over again!

Did a bit more playing on Sims and then went to bed.

Set my alarm again for Sunday so I wouldn’t sleep too late.

Slept ok, same as usual I guess. I still notice that I’ve been waking up a bit better since cutting back on the sleep aids.

I can’t remember if Colin was already up, or if he just hadn’t slept. I know he was stressed out about having to disassemble his computer to ship back.

Dave went to the store, so I was able to chat with him for a bit. While we were on, I started getting errors again. I uninstalled one of my mods, and the game started working for me again without errors. I think I worked out the reason for why the mod kept causing the errors. I think it had to do with the mod forcing the game to create new Sims, that maybe I had maxed out the number of Sims and that’s why I got the error? I tested with and without the mod, in various situations, and with the mod I got errors, without it I didn’t.

Got to play around a bit more on Sims, and then it was time to take Casey to Elijah’s birthday party. That was almost 3 hours of tons of fun!! They watched a movie, we all ate tacos, there was a pinata, and the kids played at the park to wrap up the afternoon.

Got to talk to Colin for a while on the way to and from the party. On the way to the party went fine, we chit chatted a bit. On the way home he was super stressed out because of problems with his old laptop, so we didn’t really talk much.

Came home and played some more on the Sims. My character, by this point, lived with her fiance, had 3 boys and a girl, a baby on the way, plus a cat. Her eldest, a teen, had moved out on his own. There’s a max of 8 sims per household. So, naturally, one baby turns into 2, and she has twins. Of course. LOL!

Hopped in the shower, despite my reluctance. I needed it, though, so couldn’t really avoid it any longer. It was about 8 by that point, anyway.

A little while after I got out of the shower, I got Casey to bed. It was kinda late, but oh well.

Played Sims for a bit longer, then headed to bed.

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