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Teen Drama

Oh Lord, I’m getting Post-happy…

Harry Potter was what got me reading again, post-college required materials I never enjoyed. And I LOVE Harry Potter! The books, of course… and the movies…

Well, I’d gotten into a reading rut, so I started back with the Teen section, figuring it would have the same effect as Harry Potter.

I read the TTFN series, 1 and 2 so far, and they’re awesome. Written totally in Instant Message format, it was quite interesting… to me, anyway.

Then, an associate at Books-a-Million recommended the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Addicted! So I recently bought the 2nd book to read, since it was finally in paperback. Love it! So, I requested the 3rd book to pick up at the nearest library, and it got there today! *squee* It’ll be read in full by the week’s end.

I’m waiting for l8r g8r to arrive at Books-a-Million to pick it up. They were sold out I guess. Can’t wait!

I love to read. Finally I can say that! Now if I could just pick up a more adult book to read and enjoy just the same. Then I’ll be able to say, again, that I’m out of the rut.

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