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Taco Tuesday? No! It’s Pasta Bake!

Monday night I slept ok, not as bad as the night before.

Got up yesterday to a snow storm! Heard reports about it coming, but yeah, it was so pretty!

Once I got on Wiz, I felt like… rejected. I didn’t want to speak to anybody from the Discord group. Except maybe Michelle. Her and I have fun together, even though it feels, sometimes, like she’s torn between hanging out with me and helping her friends she knew before she met me. She actually sent me a message at one point, saying she loves me, then posted a few minutes later, the same thing to everyone in the group. So it’s like a “Hey, you’re awesome” kinda friendly love message, was sweet.

Did some random stuff on Wiz in the morning, can’t even recall exactly what. I know I tried Darkmoor one time again in the early afternoon with a group of random people. It was just me and 2 others, but we succeeded. It was exhilarating, to beat the dungeon with 3 people, one of whom hadn’t done it before. It was great.

A guy I’d quested with a bit had said that if I waited for him to finish Khrysalis, we could quest through Polaris together. I tried to wait, but sent him a message later yesterday asking if he’d finished Khrysalis yet and he hadn’t, but said I could go on ahead. So I did, later in the evening.

During this time, Casey spent most of it just laying on my bed and resting.

I made Pasta Bake for dinner. It was yummy! I served some to Casey, too. He ate a piece of pepperoni on his garlic bread, but that was it. Got everything cleaned up after I was done eating.

Back on Wiz after dinner, heading to Polaris. At first I thought, “This place is gonna be a joke.” The first boss had about half the health of the ones in Khrysalis. I thought it would be super easy to solo.

I was wrong! The enemies keep removing my boosts, giving me minuses on my accuracy and damage, and taking my pips away. It’s super difficult to solo, with nobody else they can target! I even bought some henchman to help me, at least keep me alive, and it’s still hard then.

Got Casey to bed a little earlier than lately, since there was a CHANCE he’d have school in the morning. Hard to tell, the snow wasn’t supposed to stop in the middle of the night, would just have to wait and see.

After getting him to bed, I quested a bit more, then I went back to Unicorn Way, which is the first zone in the game, to defeat a boss as a means of just having fun. It took a lot of time and I even had to reset my deck once, but I ended up doing over 100,000 damage to her. If I had gotten a critical hit, it would have done over double damage. That would have been epic! Aw well.

By then, it was bedtime…

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