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Surgery and the rest of Monday

Sleep was about the usual, thankfully. Got up on time and got Casey up on time, got him to the bus stop on time, etc.

Got the computer booted, but there wasn’t time to do anything else. Had to shower again with the antiseptic wash.

Headed to La Crosse for my surgery. Was feeling very anxious, and had only taken one xanax in the morning. The black coffee I was able to drink and did drink probably didn’t help matters much.

Arrived on time and got called back quickly. Dave stayed out in the lobby, which was fine by me. I kinda wanted him in the room with me, but didn’t think he’d help my anxiety much so I left it up to him. The nurse taking me back seemed quite surprised he wasn’t going to join me in my room for the pre-op stuff.

Lots of questions, pregnancy test even though I’ve had a tubal and endometrial ablation, testing crutches, etc. Then just waiting, with anxiety elevated and nothing to calm me. I just focused on my breathing to get through it.

Finally got taken to the next stop, where the doctor and anesthesiologist met with me and went over things, asking more questions as well. There, they gave me something to relax me. It worked fast and well.

Then they took me back for the actual surgery. The plan was an arthroscopy, see what the best repair option was, then fix it. They tricked me though! They put an oxygen mask over my head, said it was just oxygen, and slipped me under at the same time without me realizing lol! I don’t care, I got an extra nap out of the ordeal. Well, I knew it was coming, so not exactly extra.

After the procedure, I was informed they only did a Chondroplasty. I would be able to put weight on my leg, depending on my comfort and pain levels. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not? I suppose it’s excellent, since I will not have issues getting coffee to my room in the morning, or doing laundry on Fridays, little things like that. But, Dave’s going to expect more out of me, quicker. I’m not sure how I feel about that. But, the big thing is, everything I’ve been so stressed out about for the whole 6 week recovery is out the window, for the most part. Some things I’ll avoid doing, but the little things I can handle.

Then they took me back to the first room I’d been in, and brought Dave back. The doctor had already spoken with him about what was done and all that.

I asked Dave for my purse, so I could check my phone. He’d left my purse in the car after he’d gone to get lunch. I was like, you can’t leave my purse in the car! I’d had my purse stolen out of my car 3 times, I’ve learned my lesson on that one! Do NOT leave it in the car! I was livid that he’d left it in the car. My life is in that bag! Besides the laptop, anyway. So he said he wanted me to calm down and ask him nicely. So, I took a few deep breaths, and asked him nicely, and he went to go get it.

Got my phone and saw it was down to super low battery, like 3%. I plugged it into the mobile charging thing I have, but had to turn off some features to get it to charge at a reasonable pace. I was able to make contact with everyone to let them know things went fine.

I was able to eat some ice cream and drink some sierra mist. No problems with either, thankfully.

After a while, I was given a Percocet for the pain. They’d given me Dilaudid during the surgery, Fentanyl during the initial post-op, but were switching me to Percocet tablet since that’s what my take-home prescription was for. Whatever. Did ok with that, too. I’d be able to take another around 6:30.

During all this time, my oxygen level wasn’t stabilized how they wanted. It kept going down, and I had to take deep breaths and cough to raise it back up. Every time I coughed it felt like I leaked a little, post childbirth and all. I was feeling gross and forced to sit it out and control my breathing just so I’d be able to go home.

Finally got my oxygen under control and was discharged. Made the trip home. Asked Dave to stop at Culver’s to get some dinner, drive thru of course. I got a Bacon Cheeseburger, double, with fried cheese curds. Dave got a pub burger, and we Casey some chicken tenders.

Got home and Casey was playing outside with Mick and Chip at Courtney’s house. They looked like they were having lots of fun. I went to organize a few things to make it easier for Dave to carry stuff in, and then tried to find keys to get into the house and settle down. Couldn’t find them, so tried to call Casey over. Casey wanted to play a bit longer, so Dave said it was fine and brought the keys over so I could get in the house. He then pointed out that he’d left his keys in my car. D’oh! I’ll blame the drugs.

Got all my stuff unpacked from my purse and put where I usually keep them when I’m at home, and sat down for a few minutes. Went ahead and tended my gardens on Wiz, while waiting for Dave and Casey to come back in. Once they came in, we all sat down at the table to eat. I got the plates out, leaving my crutches leaning nearby in case I needed them. Got everybody’s food on their plates. Casey didn’t want french fries or cheese curds, so he just ate chicken tenders. My burger was pretty tasty, Dave said his was just alright.

Our order from Davids Tea had arrived while we were out, and Casey asked for his Birthday Cake, or whatever it’s called, tea. So we made that for him and I made a cinnamon chai for myself, which was also in the order. Casey never drank the tea, later on saying he was too full for it, and also that I’d put it in the wrong mug. I’d used his new mug, which apparently he’s designated to be his hot cocoa mug only.

Hopped on Firestorm for SL so I could type messages more easily. Went through my free book & paid emails while Dave cleaned up the kitchen. Casey settled in with the Nintendo. He’d asked Courtney about either playing Mario or watching Youtube people playing Mario, and she said she didn’t have either. He was disappointed, but apparently handled it ok. He’d also refused to eat his Mac & Cheese she gave him for lunch, for some unknown reason. I guess he’d dropped some off his fork onto her table and that bothered him. He did eat a banana at lunch, though. That’s good.

After dinner, I went ahead and took my usual nighttime meds that I was able to take, as well as another Percocet. As for meds I’m able to take, there was nothing I needed to avoid except Xanax. I could continue taking my Abilify, Zoloft, Gabapentin, Aleve, Zantac, Potassium, Magnesium, Melatonin, and Birth Control. These are all prescribed for either PMDD and related symptoms, or arthritis in various parts of my body.

Anywho, so then I did some more stuff on Wiz and also chatted with Colin on SL a bit as I was able. At that point, I was just waiting to be able to get Casey tucked into bed.

While waiting, I started to feel “woozy.” Just, kinda, off. Slightly queasy, but mostly discomfort with my heart rhythm and the occasional shivers.

When Casey was getting his PJs and stuff on, I took a Melatonin. I didn’t want to take all my usual stuff to help me sleep, just because of the Percocet.

Got Casey to bed. I sat on his bed to read to him, since it’d be easier on me. It was later than usual when we were done, so I think I’m going to get him to start his nighttime routine at 8:15 instead and see how that goes. We need to get him to bed even earlier than that! Baby steps, I suppose.

The “woozy” feeling wasn’t going away, so I hopped on to use their interaction checker. Turns out, in some cases the combination of Percocet and Zoloft can cause “Seratonin Syndrome.” My symptoms matched. My fitness tracker showed my heart rate was slightly elevated, and I had the occasional shivers. I didn’t feel the symptoms were severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER or anything, but was feeling anxious about them and wasn’t able to do anything yet about the anxiety, except use oils. Which I still haven’t done. I tried looking up when it’d be safe to take Xanax after a dose of Percocet, but couldn’t find information. Some people said taking them together was fine, but I know that it’d be a huge risk, could lead to coma or death! It’s so not worth the risk.

I grabbed a ginger ale, got on Skype with Colin, then started typing this. As I’ve been typing, I’ve been feeling better and better, and more and more sleepy too lol. I think I’m going to lay off the Percocet and just rely on Tylenol Arthritis. It’s slightly stronger than extra strength Tylenol and lasts a bit longer.

So, now I’m just going to chat with Colin a bit, and then head to bed. I’m planning to get up to get Casey off to school in the morning, unless Dave’s still home. Then I might ask him to do it for me lol. We’ll see.

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