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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Geesh I’m way behind this time. Oh well, nothing remarkable has been going on, so maybe this will be brief.


Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, then played Conan on and off all day again. Stayed up a bit later than I should have, but not too bad.

I posted ads in groups for our SL shop at one point, and someone contacted me inquiring about the RP dining option. Turned out he wanted to “invest” in the Cafe & Club, meaning he wanted some of our profits. Yeah, we have no overhead. The land is bought and paid for. We need to make profit, yes, but we aren’t even paying wages.


Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, got Casey up, dressed, & fed, then got him dropped off at school. Came home and got on Conan. Spent the day on there on and off.


Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, got Casey up, dressed & fed, then dropped him off at school. Played on Conan on and off all day.

Around 5:30, got a random text from Daniel asking if I wanted to get together around 7. It was nice to get to see him again, just wish it hadn’t been 2 weeks since even hearing from him.


Got up, got coffee, parked on SL, then got on Conan. Casey had off school for Thanksgiving break.

Casey had a dentist appointment at 11. I asked them to look at the weird off-white crap all over his teeth. He won’t let us help get them brushed, so we can’t get whatever it is off of them. He clearly doesn’t do a good enough job himself. Turns out it was a bad tartar buildup. They got most of it off before Casey had enough.

Went to Walmart to get stuff to make Chicken Pot Pie for Thanksgiving, as well as Pumpkin Pie.

Otherwise, more of the same. Conan on and off all day.


Got up, got my coffee, parked on SL, then got on Conan.

Dave made breakfast, french toast with andouille sausage and eggs. I don’t really care for french toast, and the sausage was a bit spicy, but hey at least he cooked. I cleaned up most of the dishes while he taunted me. I can’t wait to be rid of him.

Played Conan off and on all day.

Made the Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. It was good, but it could have used more of the filling. Had the pies baking while I ate and cleaned up.

Then it was back to Conan.

Dave was taunting Casey at night, trying to tickle him. I know from personal experience that it hurts to be tickled by him. I can understand Casey’s not wanting it. I heard Casey continuously ask him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. I yelled at him to stop it, and he tried to make out like I was telling Casey to stop. I logged out of Conan in the middle of nowhere, right where enemies spawn, to comfort Casey, get him to calm down, and get him ready for bed. I don’t know why Dave constantly feels the need to have fun at the expense of everyone around him. And yet, I’m supposedly the only one who feels this way?

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