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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

Sorry, I’m so far behind!!!


Got to sleep in a little bit Sunday morning, but not as late in as I would have liked. Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, and then got on Conan. Played there on and off throughout the day.

Dave had gone out Saturday night to see one of his girlfriends and didn’t get back until around 11am.

Around noon, I logged of Conan and took Casey out to deliver the popcorn we should have delivered 2 weeks earlier. Talked to Colin while we did that. I mean, if Dave an stay out all night with a girlfriend, then come home and talk to me about her in front of Casey, and even take some of Casey’s old toys to give to her for her kid, then why the hell should I worry about what Casey thinks about me talking to Colin? Colin and I talked briefly about me just saying fuck it and staying on the call with him, but I just know what I’d hear from Dave about it and I can’t handle that. Not yet, anyway.

Got back on Conan after we got back, and continued the grind. Mostly just gathering the endless resources we need for, like, everything.

Got to bed at a somewhat reasonable time, considering I had to take Casey to school in the morning. Slept ok, not too bad. Got up, got my latte while I got Casey ready for school, got on SL to park, and then packed his lunch and drove him to school with Dave in tow. Dave was off for Veteran’s Day (observed), but he went to the store pretty much first thing in the morning. Just as Colin got home and I was getting ready to try and talk to him for a bit, Dave got home. Figures.

Played Conan while Casey was at school. More of the same: gathering needed resources.

Got my code for Fallout 76 in the late afternoon, but it wasn’t due to launch until Wednesday. I did try logging in, but it wouldn’t let me.

Otherwise just stayed on Conan on and off.


Got to bed at a reasonable time again. Slept ok. Got Casey up on time, dressed and fed, while I enjoyed my latte and got on SL to park. Then I drove him to school.

Came back home and got on Conan, and played that with Colin on and off all day. More of the same ole same ole, just grinding away.

Picked Casey up at the usual time and had him sit on the toilet right away, as is the new usual. He still hasn’t gone in like a week again.

Continued playing Conan on and off the rest of the day.


Got to bed at a reasonable time again. Slept ok. Got my latte, got Casey up and ready for school while I was simultaneously getting parked on SL. Got him dropped off at school, then went back home and got on Conan, more of the same, on and off throughout the day.

Colin had gotten some achievements with a dude on the server, and leveled up twice during the process. Slightly disappointing considering I’d already been a level and a half behind.

Picked Casey up from school and got him to sit on the toilet again. Still no luck with that. We’ve even started him on a priobiotic about a month ago, clearly it’s not helping. And that’s on top of the fiber supplement he’s been taking for about a year.

Had a wrap for dinner, and then got back on Conan. I was able to farm one of the world bosses after Colin had showed me a trick.

At night, I got some help from the same person who’d helped Colin, and it leveled me to the same level as Colin. That was nice.


Got to bed at a reasonable time, as usual lol. Slept ok. Got up, got my latte, got parked on SL while Casey was getting dressed. I’d forgotten to put his ice packs in the freezer to pack his lunch, so he’d have to have school lunch again. Got him dropped off, then came home and got on Conan, for what little time I had.

Around 10 I headed to Onalaska to get a cortisone injection in my knee. It’s been bugging me since it got cold out. Walking with a limp, on the verge of needing my cane again. It was an ultrasound guided injection and went much better than the last cortisone injection 6 months before. After the appointment, headed home, got some chili started in the crock pot, and got on Fallout for a bit with Colin. We were on the alts we had made at the tail end of the last beta test.

Went and got Casey from school and had him sit on the toilet again. Ended up getting on Conan, and continued playing that on and off through the rest of the day.

Chili was pretty good, maybe a bit spicy, which was weird since I used less seasoning than normal.

After dinner, more of the same on Conan. Got Casey snuggled into bed when it was time, and then wrapped up my night on Conan.

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