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Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Didn’t get to sleep in a whole lot on Sunday. Woke up still feeling pretty awful. Got my coffee, got on SL to park, then got on Conan to check things. They were pretty much all in order, so then I logged onto Aura Kingdom for a while. Mostly just hung out in a merchant stall trying to sell stuff, with little to no luck. I did a bit of coloring in my Zen Mandalas adult coloring book, as well.

Not long before I was planning to log off for the night, I was checking my messages on Aura Kingdom. One unfortunate thing about the merchant stalls is that you cannot open your mailbox to send or receive mail until you close your stall. I was shocked to see a message from Autumn. Apologizing for her actions months ago. And offering a gift. I sent her a message on Discord, and we ended up chatting for a while before I finally went to bed.

Monday, had to get up early to get ready for Therapy. First I quickly had a cup of coffee and parked on SL. Therapy went pretty well, I went over my issues with doing the post-it note task. That every time I think of something to write on a post-it, I come up with a “but.” She agreed with Colin, I need to write what I initially thought of, and leave off everything starting with the “but.” Also she wants me to start looking in the mirror at a part of me, not necessarily literally look in the mirror, but really try and LOVE each part of me individually. That’s gonna be a major project… I don’t know how it’s going to go.

After Therapy, I got on Aura Kingdom for a while. More sitting in a stall, for the most part. I also did some coloring. I did check Conan as well, just to see what’d been going on. That’s easy enough, just open the event log and make sure nothing’s falling to pieces.

Just kinda alternated between that stuff for the earlier part of the day. I still felt like crap from the cold, and wanted to nap but felt it was important to stay awake, otherwise it’d screw up my sleep schedule.

In the late afternoon, feeling like there was nothing I really wanted to do on the computer, I opened the book I’d intended to read on my kindle. The old kindle, not the tablet kindle. The series I’m on, the Shade of Vampire series, is split up into seasons. I’d come to the decision about a month or so ago that I would finish this season, which was the one last book, and take a break from it so I could enjoy reading other things. For one, I don’t like paying the Kindle Unlimited subscription just to read one book at a time, because that’s what’s in my nature to do. It’s $10 a month. It’d be worth it if I read enough, but I don’t these days, because of this series being so lengthy. And that’s the other. This series is just so lengthy, and the author is still writing more books in it. I need a break from it.

Once the kindle battery died, which I was not even expecting to happen, I got back on Aura Kingdom. Autumn wanted to be my “Guardian Knight” which is kind of a relationship system. She was my GK before, it’s just another way to get costumes at the end of the day. There are fun interactive quests, and as you do them your “bonding value” increases. Eventually there are gorgeous costumes you can buy with the tokens you earn from doing the quests. So we did some interactive quests together, and then a little after 11 I had to go to bed, I just couldn’t stay awake anymore.

Tuesday… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Got up, got my coffee, got on SL to park, then got on Aura Kingdom for a while with Autumn. She went off to check Minecraft, so I got on Conan to refresh our bases and see how things were going. Dave and Casey were making breakfast: scrambled eggs, pancakes, potatoes o’brien, and vegetable bacon. It was all pretty yummy, even the fake bacon. Even just typing about it now is making me hungry for more.

Deez invited me to play on another Conan server with him and Nym, so I checked it out after breakfast. I’d intended to take a nap, but I was enjoying myself too much, so I played that instead. I kinda like the beginning stages, unlocking things bit by bit. On the other server, I’m max level, so there’s nothing to unlock. There are still things I haven’t done, that I could easily do, but no more to unlock.

Once I was ready to log off there, I started reading my book again. I was almost halfway through, and eager to finish. The story was finally exciting again, though not enough to tempt me to keep reading the series through the next season lol.

Got Casey a bath, then a couple hours later got a shower myself, then it was time to get him ready for bed. Once he was tucked in, I started typing this up. Autumn wants to get on Minecraft, so may give it a shot and see how things go. I can’t stay up too late tonight, since I have to get up early to get Casey to school.

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