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Sunday & Monday

Sunday, woke up just as sore as I had on Saturday. Vaped my CBD throughout the morning. I was pretty certain I wouldn’t get anywhere or accomplish much of anything.

Got my latte and got parked on SL, then hopped on Conan to refresh bases and Aura Kingdom to relist items on the Auction House. Then I took care of my free book & paid emails before moving on to Minecraft.

Played Minecraft on and off a bit throughout the day, but not a whole lot. Autumn wasn’t really wanting to be on, and expressed that she wouldn’t be interested in fighting the Wither or Ender Dragon unless she was in creative mode. This disappointed me, and kinda even angered me. I kept quiet about it, though.

Around lunch time, Dave asked if I wanted to go get chinese. I was hoping this meant going out for lunch. But no, he wanted me to go pick it up. I was hungry and we hadn’t had chinese in a while, so I placed the order and headed over to pick it up. Came back home and chowed down. I’d ordered the Kung Pao Chicken, hadn’t had it in a while. I think it had the perfect amount of Pao lol.

After lunch, I got motivated enough to flip and rotate my mattress. I knew it had to get done, because of the 2 consecutive nights of really bad sleep, and feeling like the mattress was flat beneath me. I needed to change the sheets anyway. So, I got to it.

Next thing I know, I’m starting to rearrange things in my room. I moved the futon a couple feet over, along with the nightstand. Moved the organizers from that now compacted corner to beside my desk, where my makeshift dresser had been. Those storage shelves got moved along the wall where the nightstand had been. The electronics chargers that were plugged into the socket over there got moved to the socket across the room. I put the futon into couch mode, which would be nice to have even if it meant sleeping on a couch for a few nights. I miss sitting somewhere besides my computer desk, but have no motivation to leave my room considering who I usually run into when I do.

I had taken several breaks throughout the process, to make sure my knee (or anything else) wouldn’t get too sore. Once I was done with the rearranging altogether, I rested for a bit and then got in the shower. I didn’t feel the need to wash my hair, so just used a shower cap.

After my shower, I settled into my new setup and did some Facebook scrolling. The usual, liking and sharing and whatever strikes my fancy lol. Nothing too spectacular.

Casey had gone downstairs to watch something on the Roku, but around dinner time he came back upstairs and into my room for some more Minecraft. As he was sitting there playing Minecraft, and it was creeping closer to his bedtime, it occurred to me how foolish it would be to leave the futon in couch mode. Even after flipping and rotating the mattress, without the 4 inch thick memory foam topper on it, it would be super uncomfortable to sleep on, for any number of nights. The topper I’d taken downstairs earlier because I couldn’t get it to fit right with the futon in couch mode. So, I ended up stripping the futon again, putting it back into bed mode, and making the bed all over again. Oh, how I wish I had a real bed.

Got Casey tucked into bed, and then hopped on Minecraft for a bit. Autumn showed me the treehouse she’d built, but then went to get dinner. I found my way back to my treehouse, and then logged off. I just ended up doing a few things online before deciding it was time for bed. I was exhausted after a week of busting my ass.

Slept a bit better, but it’ll take time to catch up on good sleep and stop waking up in pain. My neck feels like it needs to be popped just the right way, but I can’t seem to manage it.

Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I’d expected that I’d need to leave super early to take Dave to work before taking Casey to school, but Dave never tried to wake me so I’d end up dropping him off at work after dropping Casey off at school.

Once everyone was dropped off at their respective places, I came back home. I knew I should go to the store, we were almost out of everything. But, I just wasn’t up for it.

Ended up hopping on SL with Colin for a while, not doing much but spending time together and talking. It was nice to actually have things to talk about.

We went to the shop where we’d bought our house to see if there was anything new. We got a couple things to try, everything in that shop is super cheap but there aren’t demos available in-world. Once we’d gotten a couple things, we headed to a Sandbox where we’d be able to rez them out and tour them. We didn’t like either option enough to replace our existing house, but it made us both want to explore other possible house shells to try and downsize a bit.

Next thing I know I am down to about an hour to get things done around the house in RL before having to leave to pick up Casey and then Dave. So, I went afk to take care of the dishes and scoop the litter box. By the time I was back at the computer, it made more sense to just park up for the remainder of the day while we chatted.

I told Colin about a lot of the changes I’d made to the world/realm. I am pretty excited to show up what I’ve managed to do, especially in the hopes that he’d want to play sometime with me and Autumn.

Once it was time to go get Casey, we got off the call. I got Casey and we headed to Post to pick up Dave from work. On the way, I got a call from Geico about the claim, mainly just going over the estimate and what work would be expected to get done.

Got Dave and he’d gotten a call from the shop that his car was ready, so I dropped him off at the shop and then came home with Casey. Got him to get on the toilet for a bit, and I sat down at the computer and did some scrolling through Facebook.

Once Casey was off the toilet, I got him and I both some dinner. He had a bowl of cereal AND some mac & cheese. I figured he should be full enough for the rest of the night.

He got on his laptop and worked on a new skin for his character before logging into Minecraft for a bit. He was upset that I wasn’t playing and I told him I just didn’t feel like it. He said that he wanted me to play with him in his world tomorrow, but I said we’d just have to see. He started to get argumentative about me telling him we’d have to see, but I got him calmed down while being firm.

Went and got in the shower around 7 so that there’d be plenty of time for Casey to get ready for bed after I was done drying off and getting into my own PJs. About 10-15 minutes before 8, I gave him the word to start getting ready for bed. Over half an hour later, he finally had taken his vitamins and gotten into his PJs. Another 10 minutes later his teeth were finally brushed, he actually did an excellent job with that tonight.

Got him tucked in and then came back to the computer to watch the couple episodes of Criminal Minds that I had left to watch to be fully caught up on my shows.

It’s almost 11 now and I’m pretty tired. I’ve already gotten my SL avatar signed into Lumiya for the night, and struggling to keep my eyes open while I type. So, it’s time for bed for me. Good night!

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