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Sunday & Monday

Got up Sunday morning, much too early considering when I’d gotten to sleep the night before. It must have been about 5am before I finally was able to sleep, after taking the daytime cold medicine at 8:30 at night.

Got my coffee and got on SL to park, then spent the day pretty much just staring at Facebook, waiting for when I was supposed to see Daniel later that evening.

I did manage to get the base refreshed on Conan and the auctions dealt with on DDO, but wasn’t really up for playing a game.

Casey was fussy on and off throughout the day. He’d woken me up by yelling for me because he needed help setting up a new Minecraft world and apparently it just couldn’t wait. Then I guess he’d run out of time and I hadn’t seen a notification of him asking for more time. He tried to do other things, but then would either run out of time or the battery would die. He was just not happy, complaining that he had nothing to do. I told him there was plenty he could do, but also gave him more time on the computer.

Got him tucked in about the usual time, despite him having me set an alarm for every night at 7:01pm for him to get ready for bed. He and Dave had watched a movie and he wanted to finish it. Fair enough.

I was still just kinda staring at the computer, waiting to find out when I would be going to see Daniel. When turned to if. Cyn was getting impatient to do something together, and we were kinda arguing about it a bit. But eventually I ended up just going to bed.

Monday morning, got up and got my latte, then got on SL to park. Spent much of the morning continuing to just scroll through Facebook. Finally, I got the motivation to start updating the mods on Sims 4. That took quite a bit of time, up to and after the appointment with Parent Central Services to get Casey signed up for swim lessons.

Casey was being whiny like the day before, over the same stuff. He ended up asking me to help him clean up his play room, so I did as much as I was able. I kept getting lightheaded, and had to take breaks. He wouldn’t clean anything up without me in there helping, ie doing most of the work, even after I offered to pay him to do it as part of his regular chores. Eventually we tabled it for the next day.

Cyn was getting whiny as well, about us never doing anything together, just because we haven’t much over the past week. There’s only so much that she can do, with her computer, and I haven’t been in the mood for those things. I wouldn’t mind doing something on SL with her, but she always wants to be the stupid chibi noodle, and it’s frankly making me want to sell all of mine. They’re cute, but she’s obsessed.

Dave was oddly kind to me. He’d made a type of Buddha Bowl and offered to let me taste it. I did, because it had smelled so good when he was cooking it. It was pretty good, so then he offered to make me a bowl. He even offered to microwave it for me. Then he brought it to me for me to eat. I wanted to check his temperature.

I’d told Cyn when I was updating the Sims 4 mods and that it would be a while. Then I told her I was helping Casey clean up his play room. I think she must have laid down for a nap. When she woke up she got on Portal Knights. She was having save issues again, and I mentioned trying to turn off the cloud saves to see if that would help at least that. We tried, both of us, but we lost our characters. Turning on Steam Cloud again restored the characters. I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with restarting characters that were that high a level already and had so much cash.

Meanwhile, I’d heard from Daniel and he wasn’t doing so good. He was lonely and seemed depressed. I was worried about him. He said he was passing out in his chair, but I was offering to come over anyway. I was worried enough that when I didn’t hear from him I finally decided for him, and headed over there.

He was asleep when I got there, but woke up at my touch and seemed happy to see me. We stayed up talking and watching Star Trek for a while, then went to bed.

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