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Sunday & Monday

Late to bed Saturday night, of course. Slept ok, not the best though. Woke up to my alarms so I wouldn’t oversleep. Stomach was still not quite the best, but had coffee anyway. Dave made a pot in the Bunn, usually we just use the Keurig.

Got on SL to get dressed. Was sick of changing into something every day just to park, so I picked an outfit that I could just change the colors of it, and change my glasses and Neko stuff to match, instead of changing all my jewerly and makeup. Neutral jewelry and makeup, just accessorize the couple things.

Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on Minecraft.

Dave went to go get his hair cut, and Casey wanted to go too, so I got to talk to Colin for a little bit. He got on Minecraft with me, that was nice.

When the boys got home, Casey wanted to get on Minecraft, so I got his computer booted up and we went at it.

Got Casey to bed later than I should have, considering he had school the next day. We both need to discipline ourselves better.

I don’t remember what day it was, but there was a bad storm in Minecraft and I lost several sheep and pigs and cows. I wasn’t as worried about my house as I was my animals, even though my house could burn down. But I was devastated at the loss of several sheep, a few cows, and almost all my pigs. So, I got started on a glass dome around my property after getting Casey to bed.

Got to bed later than I wanted myself, considering I would have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn the next day to get Casey up for school. I get too excited about things in whatever game I’m fixated on, and it makes my insomnia kick into overdrive.

Slept halfway decent, considering, and woke up ok. Had a hard time getting Casey out of bed, but that was rather expected. Got him to school and headed back home.

Got on SL to change my clothing colors, and then hopped on Minecraft to continue work on my glass dome. Got that done before it was time to get Casey.

Dave went out for coffee, so I talked to Colin for a little bit while he helped me collect sand to make glass for my dome. He was pretty exhausted, though, so we didn’t get to talk too long.

Dave got back from getting coffee shortly after Colin and I got off the call, and then not long after that Dave went to Woodman’s in Onalaska for some groceries.

Managed to get the laundry folded that I’d started on Wednesday last week before and after Dave left for the grocery store, and before it was time to go pick up Casey.

So, I go to pick Casey up from his school, right? He’s not there! They tell me that he was put on the bus and taken to the middle school. They said they’d have him held in the office for me to pick him up there. So, after the driving and the walking that already killed my knee, I had to do more. So I get to the middle school and parking is far away, but I make it in and to the office. They try and tell me to go get him from out back, and I was like, umm, I’m not gonna make it out there. So they went and got Casey and brought him to me. Poor little guy was soooo scared! On the way home, he said he thought he was never going to see me or Dave again. Broke my heart!!

I was supposed to have physical therapy shortly after getting Casey from school, but with what happened, I wasn’t up for it, and Casey just wanted to go home.

So we come home and he instantly wants to get on Minecraft. Fine by me! I was excited to show him the new dome. So I get his computer up and show him what I’d done. He was fascinated. But, he used the vines to get all the way up, and didn’t make it down in one piece. He was upset, but he didn’t lose any of his stuff because it wasn’t a lava death, so he calmed down fairly quick.

I kept playing with Casey and Autumn, and eventually I saw that Casey had gone offline. I asked him what happened, but no response. I turn around, and he’s asleep on my bed. Bless his little heart. So I kept playing with Autumn for a couple hours while he napped. When he woke up, he just wanted to get back on the computer lol. He’s turning out just like me, and I’m not sure if I love that or hate it.

We played for a while longer and then it was time to get him ready for bed. I skipped his “important stuff” and just had him do PJs and read to him. It was already late. He wasn’t in bed long before he started screaming about a tummy ache. We figured out that he was hungry, so he ate some dry cereal and watched me play Minecraft for a while longer. Once he was done eating, I got him tucked back in.

Played Minecraft with Autumn some more, and time just kept passing. It got to be almost midnight, so I thought maybe I should get this post done before bed, to help me wind down and also because if I waited until tomorrow I’d probably forget Sunday.

So it’s 12:30am now and I feel better now that I’ve gotten this out. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for bed, but I think it’s safe to try.

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