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Sunday & Monday

So, Saturday night, Casey slept in my bed, it’d been a while since we’d had a “slumber party.”

On Minecraft, I couldn’t bear to head towards the snowcapped village. Going from coordinates of 276,100 to coordinates of -8000,+8000 is just too tedious. Just did some miscellaneous stuff, like mining and gardening. Explored some cave systems that were connected to my mines, and found a skelly (skeleton) spawner in one of them.

Slept ok, I guess. Didn’t want to get out of bed. But then Casey said he’d peed in the bed. So, it was time to get up, it was before 9. Got him in the bath right away while I got coffee. Stripped my bed, and took the bedding downstairs. Dave had stuff in the washer and dryer, so not much I could do.

Got on SL and parked, did my free book & paid emails, then got on Minecraft. More of the same, some gardening and whatnot. We ended up turning the mobs back on, so I worked on some food-related achievements that can only been done when not in “Peaceful.”

Casey played Minecraft with me a bit on and off. He spent the time following me around. We hunted mobs together, a few mini-meltdowns but nothing too serious.

Had a lean cuisine or some sort of “TV Dinner” for dinner. I don’t remember which one it was. I’m sure it was “adequate” lol.

Got the bedding put back on my bed while Casey played Minecraft. My knee was really killing me after that.

Played some more Minecraft, lots more mob hunting.

Got Casey to bed, later than I wanted. He is such a procrastinator at bedtime.

Autumn finally got on Minecraft with me and ended up discovering missing sheep. I kept saying that nobody had been anywhere near her house, but she kept implying that me or Casey, likely Casey, had done something to her sheep. I was pretty p.o.’d. She ended up signing off after she got her sheep straightened out. I kept doing my thing.

I chased down a witch to throw a potion at her, but it was the wrong type of potion for the achievement I was going after. I was losing health fast, so I was running home to get a healing potion, but the witch followed. She killed all my llamas and at least 2 of my horses. I was devastated.

Stayed up later than I wanted. Slept ok, but had a super hard time getting out of bed on time. I actually accidentally shut off my 2 phone alarms sometime instead of snoozing them. Luckily, my regular alarm clock kept going and I got up in time to get Casey off to school.

Got on SL and parked, then got on Minecraft for a bit.

Had Therapy at 10. Talked to Lisa about EVERYTHING it felt like. The incident with going with Dave for coffee, the whole trip to the Dells, Dave’s resolve to divorce, my reluctance. It felt good to talk about it all, but the nice thing about Lisa is that she gives you things to work with to improve yourself. She’s wanting me to think about what kinds of baby steps I can do within the household, so that if (when) the divorce happens, I’ll be physically capable of managing a household with me and Casey on our own.

After Therapy, got back on Minecraft. More of the same, hunting and working on mob-related achievements.

I tried ignoring Autumn, but eventually came around to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth losing a friend over something as silly as that, without at least talking about it first. Finally her fiance mentioned an incident with him having lag and losing sheep somehow, like they got sucked into the ground or something, and she realized that it was possible something like that had happened. Thank God. We were able to resolve the issue through communication, and joked about things related to it afterward.

Stayed on Minecraft the rest of the day, except for going to pick up Casey. Of course, once he was home from school, he joined me.

Things now resolved with Autumn, she joined us. I told her what happened the night before with the witch and that I’d discovered I’d lost my favorite horse, and she brought me a new horse named Clover, and new diamond armor since I lost mine when I lost the favorite horse that had been wearing it. That made me so freakin’ happy.

Dinner was another TV Dinner. It was alright, some spicy korean beef.

After dinner, Dave smelled Casey and said he’d had a “juicy toot.” It was pretty bad. We made him sit on the potty. Dave asked me if I’d smelled anything, with a tone insinuating that it had happened while we’d been caught up in Minecraft and we were just too busy to notice. I said no, I’d have smelled that, that he must have done it when he was enjoying a popsicle out in the kitchen.

Casey sat on the toilet until much past his bedtime. Finally got him to bed, probably around 10. I stayed on Minecraft another hour or so after. I was hunting down a witch with the correct potion, basically for vengeance. I never did find one.

Got to bed at a semi-reasonable but sorta late time.

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