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Sunday & Monday

Got up early Sunday morning. As it got closer to breakfast time, I woke Casey up and asked him about going home. He just nodded, that yes he wanted to go home. Between the mosquitoes and my knee and all the walking, we were both just done. Plus this way he’d get to spend Father’s Day with daddy, after all.

We headed down for breakfast and let people know that we would be heading home. They were all very understanding. I was just proud of how well we’d done staying 2 nights!

After breakfast we went and got my car, and took it to the camp site to begin loading back up. Then we went ahead and made our way home.

When we got home, Dave was in the shower. When he got out, he was surprised to see us. I explained about Casey’s infected mosquito bite and that my knee was sore, etc. He said that Jennifer was on her way to our house so they could go have coffee at the nice place in Black River Falls. I didn’t object, since we hadn’t let him know we were coming home early. I figured he’d be decent enough and not stay out the rest of the day and night.

I got to talk to Colin while Dave was out, for about 5 hours… when Dave finally returned, he let Jennifer in with him for a while and they sat downstairs talking while Casey played down there. I was more than a little peeved, that he couldn’t take time to spend with his son on Father’s Day, when I made sure they had the time to spend together.

Jennifer had left and I hadn’t even realized, and was still talking to Colin on Hangouts. We kept talking for a bit, until finally I let him go so he could get some sleep.

Spent some time on Blade & Soul, continuing to work on leveling my Assassin.

Got Casey to bed, a bit later than expected considering how exhausted we both were.

Kept playing Blade & Soul until I was ready for bed myself.

Monday morning, got up earlier than expected and grabbed a latte while the computer booted. Got parked on SL and then got on Blade & Soul, leveling was slow-going at that point. I didn’t spend much time working on it, though, before heading to Onalaska to grab a few things.

First stop was Sam’s Club for toilet paper, paper towels, and a few other things. Then I headed to Panera for lunch, which was yummy. After that I went to PetSmart to look at litter boxes. Max had made a mess outside the litter box again and we were thinking of trying a larger one. If he keeps it up, we may need to take him to the Vet to see if something else is going on with him to make him go outside the box.

After PetSmart I headed to Target to look around. There were only two things I was really interested in, but neither were really needed. The one was an extremely short USB-C cable for use with a portable charger. I also looked at the portable chargers themselves, but they were too expensive, too heavy, and weren’t really any better than what I already had. While I was in electronics, though, I saw that they had the Kindle Paperwhite in stock. I made the decision to hit up Best Buy after I was done looking around at Target. The only other thing I was wanting to peek at was Lip Smackers lip gloss, since that’s the only place I know of anymore that carries it.

After leaving Target without buying anything, I went over to Best Buy to see what they had for Kindles. They actually had the Paperwhite on sale for $30 off, so I ended up getting it. It must have been a Father’s Day weekend sale, which had ended, but because the price stickers still reflected the sale price, I still got the sale price.

After I was done at Best Buy, I headed back home. While I’d been out, I’d found out that Dave was taking Casey for lunch in Onalaska or La Crosse and then to the park by the river for a while. So I’d have even more time to myself at home before going out to Daniel’s for the night.

Got home and got everything put away, and then just kinda hung around waiting to find out what was going on for the night. Daniel had asked what I wanted to do, and I said hang out, maybe grab something to eat, watch movies, snuggle, make sweet passionate love, and then fall asleep in his arms. Something like that, anyway. His response was “yes please.” That made me grin.

When it was finally nearing time for us to get together, he asked if I wanted something from China Buffet or Peking. Peking was closed since it was Monday, so I said China Buffet was fine. I guessed he must have worked after all, though he’d mentioned taking the day off.

Dave and Casey got home and I showed Casey the new smart light bulb I’d gotten him at Sam’s Club. He thought it was cool. I told him I was going to a friend’s house and I’d see him the next day. At Dave’s coaxing, he got all sad looking and asked me to stay. That’s so not fair!

Finally able to get out of the house with Casey’s blessing, I headed out. I stopped at the car wash to get the exterior cleaned up a bit. While I was there, Daniel mentioned something about hoping his car would start. I ended up having to run over to Walmart to give him a jump. Then he went to China Buffet to get our orders while I headed to his house.

We ate while watching Aquaman, which was an awesome movie! Then we watched Welcome to Marwen. Daniel was drinking a bit while we watched the movies, I hadn’t really been around drunk Daniel before. I didn’t mind it one bit. We held hands the entire time we watched movies together.

After the 2nd movie was done, it was past midnight so I started making the move to the bedroom. He followed and we crawled into bed. While doing the “make sweet passionate love” part, he actually told me he loved me, twice. The first time I just started kissing him more passionately, not really believing my ears. When he said it again I looked at him and said, “God I love you.”

Finally getting to the laying in his arms part, I wasn’t able to sleep. I actually teared up because I was so happy, having heard the words I’ve longed to hear for so long, and still in disbelief that I’d heard them at all. And, of course, desperate to hear them again.

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