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Sunday, January 31, 2021

I didn’t really sleep in very much because I was so excited about picking up Greg and heading out to his dad’s cabin for the day. He slept in, though, so I had to wait anyway.

Greg smokes weed and had said he knew someone who worked at Kwik Trip who said it wasn’t included in the random drug tests, so I looked up the policy. It turns out, they only test for marijuana if they have a reason to believe you’re stoned at work.

I stopped at Kwik Trip on my way to Greg’s to pick them up and got a few things for us to all share. But then Greg wanted to stop by Kwik Trip for something so we stopped again lol.

Joshua didn’t want to go with us, so it was just me, Greg, Jakob, and the dad. We’d picked up a couple pizzas along the way to eat once we got there, and just spent the time hanging out. Greg played his electric guitar for a while and then his bass for a while.

Kevin, the dad, told Greg to take Jakob outside and make a bomb. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. It was supposed to be similar to the coke & mentos bomb but with The Works cleaner. The active ingredient in The Works used to have a 20% volume and that was what made it explode when combined with aluminum. Apparently, the formula was changed to 9% and there was no explosion.

We headed back to Tomah after a few hours and I dropped Jakob off at his mom’s. Greg and I went to Walmart to get a few things, then stopped at my work so Greg could get a few things there as well, then finally headed back to his house so I could drop him off for a few hours.

I headed back out to pick Greg up around 10 and he stayed the night. I’d told him on the way out to his dad’s about my research on the company policy regarding drug testing, so he brought some weed (he usually smokes dabs) and got me high lol. It certainly had an amazing effect in the bedroom!

Greg couldn’t stay the night, because his ex-mother-in-law was at work overnight, so I took him back home after a while and then headed home. I had the munchies, so I heated up the last of my Kung Pao Chicken from Friday night and went to bed shortly after eating it.

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