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Slept in a little bit, but set an alarm so it wouldn’t be too late when I got up. As I was going to get my latte, I noticed that Dave wasn’t home. Casey was laying in his bed watching stuff on his tablet. Sat down at the computer with my latte and got parked on SL, then scrolled through Facebook for a bit wondering what to do. I wasn’t really in the mood for a game, I kinda felt like reading but not a dying urge.

Took care of my free book & paid emails in the meantime, then did some more Facebook scrolling while enjoying another cup of coffee — hazelnut this time.

Cyn had gotten up and got on SL, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do anything on there, either. Then she ended up logging off, anyway. So, I crawled back into bed with a book — More Than Two. I’d started it over, since too much time had passed since I stopped reading. I read a chapter, but was starting to feel sleepy again. I intended to just sit at the computer for a few minutes and vape, before getting into bed for a nap. But then I ended up chatting with Daniel for a bit.

He says he’s thinking about abstaining from sex for a while and focusing on his relationship with God instead, that he’s been struggling with thinking too much about sex and partying, and drinking too much. I’m also pretty sure he’s started smoking cigarettes again. I know he’s been going through a lot, battling with himself. I told him that I’ll be here for him and support him with any decision he makes. That if he needs to take a break from sex, that’s fine. That if he needs to take a complete break, that’s fine too. That I’m not going anywhere. He didn’t respond to all that, but hopefully it meant something to him.

Headed to the store to return a couple things and grab a few things, needed milk for more slim fast shakes and cold medicine for Casey, and chips for his lunches. Got a few other things as well while I was there. Also was able to talk to Colin while I was out.

Came back home and got the groceries put away, then made myself a salad for dinner. As I was getting that ready, I heard from Cyn again. They’d been earlier and had gotten back while I was at the store. She was wanting to get back on Minecraft to go back out to Mushroom Island, to get some of the special dirt (can’t spell, don’t want to copy and paste) to see if the Mooshrooms will randomly spawn on it. I said that if I were going all the way back out there, I’d grab a Mooshroom as well.

Once settled, we got back on Minecraft. We went fishing for Silk Touch books because neither of us had them to put on shovels, the only way to collect that special dirt. That took a while but finally I got the book.

I’d already mapped out the journey, but hadn’t written down any of the coordinates we’d need because they were just estimates. The mapping software I use isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn close. We set out on our journey, and were successful in finding the streams needed to avoid crossing land. We had to make terrain and village modifications along the way, but we made it almost all the way there before she went afk to cook dinner.

Meanwhile, Casey was supposed to get in the bath around 5, but laid down on his bed while the water was running and ended up falling asleep. He woke back up around 8:30. He’d need to sit on the toilet, but he was wanting to have his bath first so I ran a fresh one for him. Then I’d get him ready for bed.

While Casey was in the bath, Dave peeked in there and saw the body wash I’d bought for Daniel to use when he’s over here. He got pissed and started bitching at me about having guys over during the work week when there were other things I could be doing with my time. I posted on Facebook a couple hashtags, and he replied (which I deleted) something to the effect of “Sleeping with other men while I’m at work when you’re supposedly too injured to work really pisses me off. I’m not your personal piggy bank.” Yeah but I get done around the house what needs to be done! There’s only so much I can do with my leg. It’s not like Daniel doesn’t accommodate my needs! If my knee is sore, he takes it easy on me. Dave acts like I only get the “bare minimum” done but that’s bullshit. Every day I take care of the dishes, every other day the litter box. That’s the bare minimum. Other days I vacuum or reorganize stuff, I clean mine and Casey’s bathroom as needed. I clean the kitchen table periodically. I make sure things are clean and organized. I do mine and Casey’s laundry every week, including sheets and towels. Mopping the floor is challenging most of the time, but since Dave didn’t do it during the time after my surgery when I absolutely could not, why the hell should I bother? I can’t do much about the living room or play room because they’re covered in toys, which I could clean up but that would only last 5 minutes. During the winter I shoveled as needed, which I absolutely should NOT have been doing. I do NOT sit around all day doing nothing but playing games or having sex! Not to mention my “job” is not HOUSEWIFE since we are SEPARATED. It is “Stay At Home Mom.” I fulfill my “job” responsibilities and get no pay. I buy things sometimes, yes. But I get no kind of allowance or compensation for doing so. Sure, I suppose I can just buy whatever the hell I want, but I don’t. I manage the finances, and there’s no room for that. Hence me looking for a work from home job.

Casey got washed up and dried off for a while, and then got ready for bed. Then I got back to Minecraft with Cyn, to resume our journey. Finally made it back to Mushroom Island, grabbed some of the special dirt and a couple of Shrooms, and headed home. Once home, I got things sorted and headed to bed.

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