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Woke up after an other strange dream, around 6am on Daniel’s couch. Sat up for a little bit and checked Facebook as best as I could. There was no sign of him coming home. I was still tired, so I laid back down. Woke up again a little after 9am. Sat around for a bit, but hopped in the car by about 10am to head home.

Grabbed a latte while I got the computer booted up, then parked on SL. Jennifer was still at the house, so I was quite content to stay in my room. Dave had made cinnamon rolls, and when I was making my latte I noticed there was one left, but then Dave came up and took it. Gee, thanks. I’ve been replaced.

Got on Aura Kingdom for a bit and then Conan for a bit, and even Minecraft with Cyn for a bit, but mostly just sat around staring at the computer again, and constantly checking for any sign that Daniel was coming. He’d said he was coming “this weekend” but I was beginning to think he meant next weekend.

I was supposed to go to Mandie’s with him for her husband, Jason’s, birthday, but with how I was feeling I didn’t see it happening either way. In the afternoon, I expressed my disappointment that he wasn’t coming, that if I’d known he wasn’t coming this weekend I could have gone to see him instead.

Casey laid on my bed most of the day playing Super Mario Maker on my Nintendo 3ds. By the time it was time for him to get his bedtime stuff done, he had gone downstairs to watch TV. Got him tucked in, then got back on the computer and got on Aura Kingdom with Cyn for a bit, until I was ready for bed myself.

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