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I slept in later than I wanted to again, but not too late. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails.

I checked AFF and saw that Brad had viewed my profile sometime late the night before after I’d gone to bed. I was pretty pissed because I’d sent him a text and never got a response. I don’t know how he’d be able to view my profile anyway since he’s a free member, but it showed he did.

I didn’t really do much of anything and didn’t really feel like I had the time to anyway since I had to work at 3.

Work went ok. I worked with Cheryl for the first time, and she spent as much time behind the register doing nothing as I used to. This meant I had to do most of the work, which is not good for my knee. Still, we managed to get out of there at a reasonable time and got most everything done by the time the store closed, so I guess it went ok.

Once I got home, I checked a few things on a couple different games but didn’t really spend enough time on any one to be worth mentioning. I got myself good and wound down by scrolling through Facebook, then went to bed.

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