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One time in the night, I woke up long enough to roll over, and at the same time Brad rolled over to put his arm back around me. I don’t need the sexual intimacy, that kind of intimacy means so much more.

He had to do a bunch of cleaning to get ready for a house showing that day, so he got going early again.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Fallout 76 on the Xbox. I spent a few hours playing on there, waiting for Dave and Casey to get home. I hoped they would be back in time for me to go to the UPS Store in La Crosse to return a couple things from Amazon. I will have to protest the ridiculous return policy they’ve instituted, where now you have to drop it off at a UPS Store location. The nearest one is 45 minutes away from me, and I am disabled. I need to be able to return things by dropping them off at a dropbox, there’s one 5 minutes away.

I was upset that I’d missed church yet again, but I didn’t want to leave the cats alone. Stormy had tried to throw up first thing in the morning, just like Max had that one day before he started actually getting sick. So it was just a bug after all, and we had another round of messes to look forward to cleaning up.

When Dave and Casey finally got back, I folded some laundry and headed out. I was able to talk to Colin once I was out of the UPS Store, but we weren’t able to talk for long because he was already exhausted.

I stopped at Target to return a wallet I’d gotten the day my parents had given me the purse. It wasn’t going to work, and it was already falling apart even though I hadn’t really used it.

After the return was done at Target and I’d walked around a bit, I headed to Best Buy. I wanted to see what kind of Xbox accessories they had and also look at headsets. I wasn’t keen to get a new headset since I’d paid $20 for mine and it was too late to return it. I found a little headset adapter instead, that delivers higher quality sound to the headset as well as offers a different function for muting. That was what the problem seemed to be for me: when I mute my headset by toggling it on the headset itself everyone else can hear each other through my headset.

After I’d picked up the adapter at Best Buy, I stopped at Culver’s and got some chicken tenders and cheese curds to eat while I drove home. Once I made it to town, my low fuel light came on so I stopped for gas and then went the rest of the way home.

I’d gotten a text while I was out from the pastor’s wife, worried about me since I haven’t been making it to church. I told her that it feels like one thing after another keeps coming between me and church, that this time it was sick cats, but that it was starting to piss me off that I wasn’t able to make it for the last several Sundays.

I turned the Xbox back on but wasn’t sure if I was ready to get on a game already. I did end up getting on Fallout 76. I tested the sound quality of a headset with the adapter, and it sounded pretty nice. But, I wanted the sound through the speaker, so I went back to that. I started a bath for Casey, then kept playing on Fallout.

Once Casey was out of the bath, I got in the shower. After my shower, I got back on Fallout while Casey got ready for bed. Once he was read to and tucked in, I played Fallout until 9.

At 9 I got on Minecraft, and Cyn joined me shortly thereafter. I’d found a video that showed how to build a farm that I liked the look of, so I set out gathering the wood I would need to build it. Cyn had been working on gathering cobblestone for something or another, so she got some more together while I chopped trees. Then, I got started building. That took the rest of the night.

I have a few ideas for how I think I want to branch off of the main barn structure to better house the number of animals we will likely acquire, but it was getting late and I needed to get to bed. Cyn was logging out to go to bed anyway, so I followed suit.

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