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I woke up at a fairly reasonable time. I was supposed to do Census work but hadn’t been feeling very well so I texted my supervisor to let him know I would not be able to complete my shift. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails.

I spent much of the day looking at stuff on Facebook again. There was too much on my mind to focus on anything else. After 4 days, I still hadn’t gotten any texts from Brad and wasn’t sure if I felt more hurt by it or pissed off.

I had to be at work at Kwik Trip at 4. I made it in and got stuck at the register for at least half the shift in total. I was working with Jodi, and she was bustling about getting everything done. I would be working with her again on Monday, so I’ll have to be sure and let her know I need to move around more. Standing mostly still at the register makes me very sore by the end of the shift otherwise. We’ll just have to take turns.

After work, I headed back home and made the rounds on some games before heading to bed.

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