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I got up, groggy as could be from another crappy night’s sleep, and got some coffee while the computer booted. I took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Black Desert on the Xbox. I was hours away from level 60, so I ground it out and opened my boxes, resolved to take a break after.

I ended up hanging around doing nothing on BDO for quite a while.

At least in the later evening, I heard from Cyn and we chatted for a while. She said she’s been sleeping a lot again lately.

I sent a corny pickup line to Brad about how I’ve been sucking so bad the last few days, maybe I could try a different kind of sucking to see if it works better for me. No response.

At 9:03, I was on Black Desert fighting a rift boss when Dave comes in my room and goes off on me about how he’s “not lucky enough to only work part-time once every 2 weeks” and that Casey going to bed later and later was not fair to him… because it was 3 minutes past Casey’s bedtime. So, I went and ushered Casey to get off the Switch so I could read to him, and then Dave goes off on me again for not checking to see what Casey was doing before “hounding him” to stop for bedtime. Typical Narcissist, just can’t win with one. One of these days I need to do what Brad said to do, and tell Dave if he goes off on me again I’m calling the cops to report a domestic dispute. I doubt that’d shut him up, though.

I’d been chatting with Cyn still, and decided to get off BDO and get on Minecraft, hoping she’d join me. She didn’t, so I closed that out after a short while, too.

I ended up going to bed a bit earlier than I have been lately, feeling like I was back in the funk when I felt a bit better after sending him the line.

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