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I got up earlier than I wanted because Dave was making a raucous. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then checked in on Black Desert while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. I took care of those once they were in, then got on Fallout 76 for a while.

I was working on the new quests now that the NPCs have been added in. It was going well. I played that for a while and then got on Minecraft.

Dave took Casey to Jennifer’s in the early afternoon. I spent my free time on Minecraft doing stuff with the Beta.

I worked from 8 to midnight. I’d gotten a text from Brad and chatted with him a bit on break. He asked me to wake him up when I got there after work.

I was sore after work, but went straight to Brad’s and crawled into bed with him, making sure to wake him up. We snuggled and went back to sleep.

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