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My day started out much like any other, with coffee and computing. I was up early, so it was Facebook before emails again.

Casey made me an “exploding” box for Mother’s Day. It was something the Cubmaster had dropped off for him to make, and Dave helped him. It’s cute and something I will probably hold on to. Then again, Casey has a whole tub of art projects from school that we have been adding to since 4k, so it would come as no surprise that I’d keep this box he made for me.

I got on Minecraft for a while. Since I’d figured out that I can turn on Creative mode and then turn it back to Survival and re-enable the Xbox achievements, I went into a fresh copy of the world we’d been playing on a few months ago and started working on the aquarium again. Cyn got on as well so she could fix her house.

I was sure to get my ad-rating done early enough in the day, and otherwise just spent the day chilling.

I went to work at Kwik Trip at 4. It went pretty good. My knee cap had, once again, decided to move out of place and stay out of place for a while. It finally moved back to where it should be and made the rest of my shift more comfortable.

I exchanged a few texts with Brad while I was on break. They were rather weird and I was pretty sure he was drunk. I made arrangements to go over to his house after work anyway. Once I got there, I got freshened up as best as I could and crawled into bed with him. I woke him up and we made love for a while, then went to sleep in each other’s arms.

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