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Sucky Saturday

Slept ok Friday night. Woke up earlier than I wanted again on Saturday. Casey was already up and had had breakfast. Dave was gone to work, so I got to talk to Colin for a while.

Got on SL and parked, then took care of my free book & paid emails. Hopped on Minecraft and did some more fishing. A tiny bit of hunting, and farming, but mostly fishing.

Dave got home around noon and invited Casey to go with him to La Crosse, to have a picnic in the riverside park. Casey didn’t want to, he just wanted to stay home and watch movies. I stayed on Minecraft.

Autumn told me she’d gotten membership on Wiz and was actually questing. She hadn’t been questing when I met her, just farming that one boss with me, because Jordan wasn’t questing and they quested together. I guess now she was questing solo. I didn’t ask for more information, I figured if she wanted to tell me she would.

Anyway, she said she was having trouble with some parts, so I offered to help. She seemed very surprised that I’d be willing to help. I even said I’d help as long as she needed it, to which she was even more surprised. She clarified, asking if I was saying I’d help her from her current level, 61, all the way to max. I said yes. I miss playing Wiz, but don’t because I don’t have anyone to play it with. So yes, I’d be happy to help. Especially since, after paying for membership, that’s probably going to be her primary focus, meaning I’m not going to have anyone to play Minecraft with after just spending $25 on a 6-month realm subscription.

After that, I ended up getting on Wiz to do some more pet training.

Also got Casey a much-needed bath.

In the late afternoon, shortly after Casey’s bath, I heard Dave asking Casey if he wanted to go with him to a restaurant to eat. Casey said no, again. I told Casey he should go with, that daddy wanted to spend some time with him.

I set out some clothes for him to get dressed, and then Dave asked me if I wanted to go along, too. He said he wanted to go to get Hibachi. I couldn’t say no to that!

We went to Shogun, which I’d been to years and years ago and didn’t think it was all that great in comparison to a similar restaurant. It was actually really good at this one, thankfully.

After Shogun, Dave asked if I needed anything at Woodman’s. I told him they had the root beer water mix there for Casey, and he’d been asking about it. So, he made his way there. I decided to get out and go in as well. I looked for electric carts, but didn’t see any. Not even regular wheelchairs. Just regular carts. I could have turned back and waited in the car, but I hadn’t been doing my physical therapy so I thought that walking would count.

Prior to going to Woodman’s, I’d been able to walk around the house without my cane most of the time. In less than an hour of walking, slowly and carefully while putting most of my weight on the cane, I had gone from that to being unable to bear any weight. While Dave went to check out, I walked back out to the car with Casey following me. I started crying as soon as we were out the doors, stopping every few feet to cry more. There were several people around, some sitting in their cars, not one person offered any help.

When Dave got out to the car, he asked why I even bothered going in if I was going to end up sitting in the car crying. I didn’t answer.

I spent the whole way home crying silently, tears streaming down my face. When we were about halfway home, I started feeling light-headed and my vision was distorted. I kept my mouth shut. I figured Dave would just say something derogatory.

We made it home, and I was able to make my way out of the car. I had to put ALL my weight on the cane, and was dragging my right leg along for the ride. Made it up the stairs, Dave waiting impatiently behind me at one point and not even bothering to offer any help, and collapsed into my bed for a few minutes. The braces on my knee had been feeling like they were burning the area since I’d first made it to the car in the Woodman’s parking lot, so I sat back up to get into my PJ’s and take the braces off. It was challenging, not being able to put weight on that leg, but I was able to manage by myself.

Then Casey was saying he was ready for bed, so I dragged my right leg into his bedroom to read to him, then went back to my desk and got on the computer. Told Autumn what had happened, and she said she was sorry. I didn’t go into further detail, I just wanted to do something to take my mind off the pain. I’d only just taken my nighttime medicine then, which was about 10pm, so I knew I’d be up a while.

While we were on our way to Woodman’s, I saw on Facebook that my parents had made it home. It had been posted about an hour earlier. I never got a text. When we were on our way home after Woodman’s, I got a text from her that they had made it home. I responded with “yep, saw it on Facebook an hour ago.” Usually I get a twitter-style feed from her with all their stops and when they make it to each destination. This time, I got a text when they were already a few hours into their drive home, and another a couple hours after they got home. What if something had happened to during their drive? I suppose I’d find out about it via Facebook.

A little after 11, I mentioned to Autumn my wanting more mega snacks. Then she said she wondered if her hatch cooldown was done. We played some games a bit together. Well, not really together, but at the same time while chatting about it in Discord.

A little before midnight, I told her I was done pet training and didn’t know what to do. She mentioned it was too late for questing, so I told her about my meds and that I’d be up a while yet. So, we quested for a couple hours.

After that, I wasn’t quite ready for bed, even though it was about 2am. I asked if she wanted to try the Gold Krampus with me. it’s a special dungeon that requires a gold skeleton key. It’s only available for a limited time for the Christmas in July festivities. She said she’d try, but didn’t think she’d survive.

I thought that, being max level, it would be a lot easier for me to beat this guy, but it was a lot of hard work and I spent a lot of crowns on henchmen. We finally got the boss, Krampus himself, down to about 5k health, and then we were all killed by the spell Raging Bull. It was about 4am anyway, so I signed off and went to bed.

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