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Still soooooo tired!

So, I slept way later this morning than I should have. I don’t even know how I managed to get myself and Casey out of bed and to school at our new usual time! I was tempted to lay down for a nap after I dropped him off, but got on Wiz instead.

I tried Castle Darkmoor again. I started with a team of 3 other players with myself, and ended up being the last one standing at the end. The first girl left after the first of 3 fights. The second guy disappeared after the 2nd. The 3rd guy must have just gone away from the keyboard, he eventually disappeared in the 3rd fight. There was no way I could do it alone.

I got on SL and got my avi dressed for the day, and got my free book emails done. When Casey got home, we had lunch then went to Walmart to get the rest of the groceries I couldn’t get yesterday.

It was about 3 by the time I got the groceries put away and had a late lunch of leftover chili. I was still feeling super tired, so I asked Casey if he wanted to lay down with me. We slept for 3 hours!! I think the only reason we woke up was because Dave got home.

So, Colin and I have a shop in a popular part of mainland. It’s called Cafe Freddo, which is a spin of the Italian for “Chill Cafe.” We each have 2 alts (alternate accounts) that we keep parked at the shop. Two are in the shop itself, with tags stating they’re NPC Staff. The other 2 are floating about 375 meters in the air and they’re child avatars. We rarely use those avis but keep them at the shop. Occasionally we may respond to messages.

Well, tonight, I was actually looking at the screen when I saw someone driving by in a police car! I was stoked, and shouted that it was awesome to see. I got a message back, explaining that there’s Police, Fire, and EMT in Bay City, and that everyone just assumed we were all bots at the shop. I explained about keeping our alts on and rarely using them, but that Colin and I are human. It certainly doesn’t help that Colin and I are both incredibly shy, though I’m desperate to engage in some good RP.

So, after that brief chat I got Casey to bed, and Dave’s asleep now too. I feel like I’m not far behind, but wanted to be sure to post before I went to bed.

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