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Saturday & Sunday

Got up Saturday morning between 9:30 and 10. It was nice to sleep in a bit. Though, I get the feeling I’m going to need many nights’ sleep in the new bed before my body will adjust and begin to recover from the 2 years of bad nights’ sleep I’d gotten up to this point.

Made some Fool’s Snoodle Doodle coffee in the Bunn as a treat, I’d wanted it a couple other times during the week. We still had some left from Christmas. It’s a special blend by the Coffee Fool.

Once I had my coffee, I got parked on SL. Took care of my free book & paid emails quick before moving on to the games. Refreshed the bases on Conan, then took care of auction house matters on both DDO and Aura Kingdom. After that, it was on to Fallout 4.

The plan had been to play Fallout only until Casey was ready to play Minecraft. Next thing I know, it’s bedtime. I did get up from time to time to take care of things around the house, but mostly I just needed the rest anyway. My knee was still sore from the last few months of not having the Synvisc in my system, as well as from the injection itself.

While I was playing on Fallout, Casey helped Dave clear the driveway after the few inches we’d gotten Friday night. I was relieved to not even be asked to help, it wouldn’t have happened. I’m not sure which Casey did more of: shoveling or sledding.

When he came back in, his cheeks were rosy and his hands looked more like lobster claws. He’d gotten too cold. I made him a hot cocoa so he could warm up.

Other than that, it was just Fallout for me, up until bedtime, which was about midnight this time.

Slept ok Saturday night, left myself some more space in the bed again like I had Friday night. I’m not sure which way I prefer it, though.

Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on DDO to check the auction house listings. After that it was free book & paid emails, and then Fallout again. I swear, I fully intended to get on my Minecraft world with Casey today! But, I was going to do it “when I finish this quest” and that ended up taking hours. Eh, Casey’s been away from his computer doing other things for hours anyway.

Again, I did spend time away from the computer as well. I took care of the dishes early on, and then I made a bit of a brunch with Casey, just pancakes and eggs. I tried to keep the eggs warm by turning the heat down to low. That was a mistake, it just made them, a little less fluffy than I would have liked.

After I was done eating, I got Casey’s clothes out of the dryer, folded them, and put them away. I knew Dave had stuff in the washer, so I figured it’d be best to get that finished so he wouldn’t bitch about it.

My Sugar Skulls sheets arrived today, a day early. Got them put on the bed, and can’t wait to sleep in it tonight! Every time I look in my room, at my new bed, I grin from ear to ear. I’m so thankful to finally have a real bed again. It’s been far too long. I would have made Dave take the futon after the separation began, but at the time he seemed to think that we could just go on sleeping in the same bed even if we were planning on getting a divorce. That doesn’t make any sense to me, so I took the futon. I’m guessing if he’d taken the futon, he’d have gotten a new bed a long time ago after so many nights’ bad sleep.

Once I logged off Fallout, Casey said he was ready for bed. It was only about 6:30. I managed to get him to stay up a little while longer, before finally conceding to him getting his important stuff done. While he worked on that, I scrolled through Facebook a bit.

I like how my parents, knowing that I don’t spend my life watching the weather channel like they do, don’t let me know that they’re under a tornado emergency, with tornado after tornado ripping through their area. I had to find out on Facebook.

Got Casey tucked in and now I’m trying to decide what to do myself. I think Autumn’s been wanting to do something with me, either Minecraft or Aura Kingdom, but I don’t know what I even feel like doing. If there wasn’t SO much to do on Fallout, I would gladly do that some more. Just, feeling a bit overwhelmed. And it’s probably best to take a break anyway.

About an hour later…

Autumn messaged me about a game I’d never heard of, Blade & Soul. I was intrigued by the Summoner class, so am looking into it. It required me to install some Nvidia Physx driver, which is weird because I have Intel HD graphics. Apparently the game requires Nvidia or AMD. But, Autumn can run it on her computer, which is an older Acer with Intel graphics. So, I installed that driver and will give it a shot.

I was able to install the game after installing the Physx driver, and it’s patching now but won’t be done for 2-3 hours it looks like, for this one patch anyway. So, I won’t be able to create a character or anything until tomorrow, unless it speeds up.

About another hour later…

Been playing around on OviPets and NeoPets. Getting tired, not much I can do though. I suppose I could read for an hour, but… I may just go to bed. Since, I am tired, it would make sense to do that. I just, don’t want to leave the computer on overnight. I just need to keep myself up for another hour or so, that’s all. I think I can manage. It’ll either be Facebook scrolling, NeoPets, or OviPets until I can sleep.

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