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Saturday & Sunday

I need to try and type this fast, it’s already just about midnight and I should be in bed already lol.

Got to bed a bit late Friday night but still fairly reasonable. Slept pretty decent, all snuggled up with all my pillows. Woke up to my alarm at it’s usual time.

Got on SL and headed to the shop to park up for the day, then took care of my free book & paid emails. After that, it was on to Minecraft. Casey was happy about that!

Autumn got on and we just did our own things, fishing for me for the most part, and mining for her I believe. Later in the day, Casey gave me permission to destroy and rebuild his house, because he was constantly having monsters come inside and it was scaring him. He doesn’t mind the monsters being on, but he doesn’t like them being in his house. Understandable. So, I spent most of the day working on that for him.

For dinner, I had some of the vegan chili Dave had made, but I added cheese to it.

After dinner, it was back to Minecraft. I was fishing for the xp and enchanted books needed to make the perfect pickaxe. I mistakenly made my iron one perfectly enchanted instead of my diamond one, but I went down to the mines to use my new 2nd most perfect pickaxe.

Got Casey to bed a little later than I would have liked, but at least he didn’t have school the next day.

Got to bed not too late myself after some more mining on Minecraft. It was quite fruitful. I ended up with over 128 diamonds. I’d already had a fair bit, but I think I about doubled it to get the 128+. Slept ok, and woke up when my alarms went off. I wasn’t ready to get out of bed, though, and ended up going back to sleep until about 11.

Got my Sunday coffee in my new mug, as opposed to my usual Sunday mug. I may never use another mug so long as I live, I love this new one so much!

Got on SL and headed to the shop to park, then did my free book & paid emails. Then it was time for some Minecraft!

Autumn was having a lazy day and was watching videos on YouTube all day. I spent a good chunk of the day building a glass dome over Casey’s re-designed house, to protect it from lightning storms. That took up much of the day. After that, I did some fishing. At this point, I wanted the xp and enchanted books to make the most perfect diamond pickaxe. But, I didn’t use the right enchant for one of them. Despite having the book for the correct enchant, I kept getting a message that it was “too expensive” to fix it. That was annoying. That meant I’d need to start from scratch.

Got Casey to bed at a more reasonable time, but still later than I would have liked because he had to poop before bed. Thankfully, he actually did this time!

Continued fishing on Minecraft until I was ready for bed myself. It was later than it should have been considering I had to get up early to get Casey ready for school, but at least I knew I’d make it ok with all the alarms I always set.

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