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Saturday & Sunday

Woke up early again Saturday morning. It was just as well, Dave invited me and Casey to go get coffee & donuts for National Coffee Day.

First, I had my usual morning latte at home, got parked on SL, got my gardening done on Wiz, and got my dice roll done on DDO. Then I got on Aura and was able to do the Temple of Eidolons before we left.

We went to Dunkin’ Donuts, which I love love love. It was pretty good, but the breakfast sandwich I got to go with my donut wasn’t quite as crisp as I would have liked.

After we ate, we headed down to the Tomah Farmer’s Market to see what they had. We ended up with a large carving pumpkin, a small pie pumpkin, some homemade pizza sauce, and some homemade watermelon strawberry jam.

Once we were done at the farmer’s market, we came on back home. I got back to doing stuff on Aura, and spent the rest of the day doing that on and off, most of that spent working on the tedious dailies.

Casey watched a little bit of the Minecon Earth livestream, and then wanted to play it, so I got him set up on his computer. I’d previously switched the realm over to creative mode, and he was absolutely loving that. I’d wanted to switch it back to survival mode, but never got around to it, and now I’d probably feel pretty guilty doing that to him.

Dave got the lawn mowed not long after we got back from our little outing. I suspect he won’t have to do that again until the spring, but don’t really know for sure yet.

At one point in the afternoon, Dave ended up bringing my snuggie up to my room. The snuggie I leave in the living room because that’s the only practical place to use it, in one of the recliners. So, I took it straight back down there, and helped him get a few things cleaned up in the living room so he could vacuum. By then I was too sore to do much of anything else, so I went back to my room.

Dinner was leftover jambalaya for me, Dave had his vegan soup.

I got a much needed shower in the late afternoon/early evening.

My knee was still bugging me, so I tried not to do too much. I’ll pay for that, I’m sure. There’s still laundry in the washer AND the dryer.

Did the bill pay stuff and am feeling a little more comfortable about where things stand with getting debt paid off, but we really need to do a better job at spending less.

Didn’t have quite as difficult of a time staying up until 11, but was ready for bed when I was done with that last Temple.

I still ended up waking up earlier than I wanted, and I hadn’t slept the best. When I first woke up, I must have gone to scratch my nose or something, because I immediately noticed my stud was missing and kept feeling around trying to find it. I finally did, after I was out of bed.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, DDO for the dice roll, and then Aura Kingdom. Got my dailies done relatively early, mostly because I couldn’t be bothered with some of them. I managed to get to level 92, though.

Casey was ready for Minecraft about the time I was launching Aura Kingdom, so got him set up on his computer again. He played that on and off the rest of the day.

Dave made french toast for breakfast, but it was with regular bread and not the super thick stuff, so I passed on that.

While Casey was busy playing Minecraft, he kept making messes in his underwear. One time he went and changed them without saying anything, when he should have said something so I could clean him up afterward. I was pretty irritated that he was doing that. I did get him to sit on the toilet a couple times, and then finally got him a bath after dinner so he’d be clean and fresh for school tomorrow.

Lunch was leftover jambalaya, so for dinner I ended up just having a frozen meal. It was good, just not as filling as I’d like. Then again, I probably need to get used to the idea of never feeling full. I’d weighed myself the other day and was not pleased with what I saw.

Just as I was getting ready to get Casey to bed, he announced that he was hungry. Of course. I saw that one coming. So he had something to eat quick and then got ready for bed.

Once I got Casey to bed, I spent some time on Aura Kingdom working on a couple mini-games for drops and xp. It’s not much, but it’s something. I can’t be bothered doing the rest of the dailies, though, so I’ll just leave it at that for today.

Getting pretty tired so probably going to get in bed soon. Going to try and make it until the Temple of Eidolons resets, but not sure I will.

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