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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Greg woke me up at 7am, despite not having to be to work until 9:30. At least we got to spend some time together before I took him.

I ended up laying down for a nap after taking him to work, having felt like I didn’t get enough sleep.

I had to be at work at 4, so I made sure I was back up in time. I almost fell back asleep, but thankfully didn’t.

Work went pretty well. Jodi got a lot of stuff done while I manned the registers. Unfortunately, my knee paid the price for being still for so long. It didn’t help that I’d had my brace on a bit too tight.

Steph came and took over at 6 and she’s a workaholic too, so there was still a lot more stillness. We were also fairly busy until after the snow had started around 9.

We got everything done and got the truck put away, then I headed to Greg’s for a few minutes before going back home. I was hungry, so I heated up a bowl of chili then went straight to bed.

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