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Saturday and Sunday

Got up Saturday before anyone else. Got my latte and got parked on SL. Checked Aura Kingdom, mostly just relisting stuff on the Auction House. Then I got on Minecraft for a bit.

It had snowed a bit, so once Dave was up he went out and cleared the driveway and sidewalk. He came back in saying my rear driver’s side tire was almost flat. So, I got dressed and went to Walmart to get a new set of tires. I’ve been having problems with the sensors and tire pressure for a long time, I finally just said “fuck it” and put it on a credit card. I need more maintenance done, but I’m hoping I can delay that until we get our tax return.

They said it would be about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour wait, so I headed over to the Vision Center to try and get my new glasses adjusted again. I also showed them the smudge on the right lens. She said she couldn’t adjust them anymore because of the type of plastic, and that the lens is scratched not smudged. She said I have a 60 day warranty on the lenses, but that they won’t remake them for these frames. She said that if she were the one helping me that day, she’d have refused to put lenses in these frames. So my choice is to live with it, or get my money back.

After that I headed over to the Subway inside the store and enjoyed my usual Steak, Egg, & Cheese breakfast flatbread sandwich. I sat and looked through stuff on my phone for a while, but then tired of that. So, I texted Dave again, he’d offered earlier to come pick me up. I asked if he would, and he said yes. When he got there to pick me up, he started bitching about having JUST sat back down to get back to his homework when I’d texted him and why couldn’t I have just had him pick me up earlier. Because, I wanted a break from YOU?

Got back home and spent time scrolling through stuff on Facebook, going through emails, that sort of thing. I was hesitant to get on Minecraft, because then Casey would want to get on it with me, and when I went back out to pick up my car it would take him away from it. So I just spent the time doing other things instead.

Casey kept going in by Dave and bugging him with this, that, and the other. Dave flew off the handle, cussing and everything, about the constant distractions (Casey) when he’s trying to get his homework done. I called Casey in by me and asked him why he didn’t want to do anything with me, and he said basically he’s bored of me because we do stuff together all the time.

When it’d been the 3 1/2 to 4 hours, I got a call that my car had only just been pulled in, and that 3 of the 4 sensors were bad. I gave the OK to replace the bad ones, and expected it’d be another hour. I kept doing miscellaneous stuff on the computer in that time.

Casey eventually started playing Paper Mario on the Wii. Dave started bitching about me not sitting down there with him, playing with him and helping him. I just didn’t even respond. There’s no sense arguing with him about how Casey knows how to play just fine and doesn’t need my help with it. He claims I don’t spend time with Casey, but Casey and I spend all kinds of time together.

It’d been more than an hour since I’d gotten the phone call about my car, so I called them. She’d only JUST gotten the final paperwork, so my car was only JUST ready. It’d been about 6 1/2 hours. Dave was eating, but asked if I was ready to go get my car. I said we could go after he was done eating.

Casey got to a boss fight he needed help with on Paper Mario, while waiting on Dave to finish eating. I helped him with that, and then Dave was done eating and ready to drop me back off at Walmart.

I grabbed some more frozen meals and soups for my meals, and then headed over to the Auto Center to pay for my car and head home. They said that they’d tried to get the sensors to relearn, but it was taking a while, and I’d need to drive it, either over 15 miles or over 15 miles per hour I can’t remember which. So, I took the long way home but my car was still telling me there was a sensor fault. I’ll need to drive it more and see if the error goes away.

Finally got back home, got the meals put away and heated one of them up since I hadn’t had dinner yet. Then it was about time to get Casey to bed, so I got him settled in.

After Casey was in bed, I hopped on Minecraft with Autumn. We stayed up fiddling around with that for a while, and then I headed to bed. It was a little after midnight.

Slept ok, got to sleep in a little bit as well. Got my latte and got on SL to park, then got on Conan to refresh the bases. After that, I started working on a mashup skin for Autumn’s Minecraft character. Casey saw me and asked if he could make one, so I got that set up for him on his computer. I created an account for him and everything. He worked on that for quite a while.

While he was working on that, he asked me about Mario Minecraft. I looked into it again, testing the texture and resource pack on a new world. It seemed to work ok, so we started playing on that. I actually was really digging the textures! Autumn eventually joined us, and helped me recreate the Fallout house I use. She even moved in with me lol. She’d at first seemed apprehensive about playing much on the Mario world, but I’m hoping that she’ll warm up to it since I was really enjoying it. We kept playing that throughout the rest of the day.

I was getting ready to get in the shower, thinking about Daniel and quite happy at the time, when suddenly this feeling washed over me, I suddenly felt like crying and was getting increasingly upset. I had this bad feeling that something had happened. I started texting everyone I love and care for to check on them, including Colin and Daniel. Everyone was ok, so I’m not sure what’s going on. The last time I had that feeling was when my dog, Dixie, had to get put to sleep. I was taking the SATs at school and I felt it the moment she passed.

Eventually I calmed down, got Casey ready for bed, and then got back to Minecraft with Autumn. We spent the time mining, until it was getting late and about time for me to go to bed.

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