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Slept the same as usual Friday night. I set my alarm to wake up around 9:30, but I think I was actually up around 8:30. I heard Dave talking to Casey about heading out, so I got up so I could see if Colin was around. Dave took Casey out for breakfast, and Colin was around so I was able to talk to him for a while.

My phone, which I use for Skype so I can use my bluetooth headset (I don’t have one for the computer and it’s a PITA to use the same one I use for my phone for the computer), ended up restarting itself after we’d been on for a bit. I called Colin back via the computer, even though we weren’t planning to be on much longer anyway. Sure enough, the boys got back not much later.

Ended up having to restart my phone again to get things to work properly. I need to remember, if my phone restarts itself, I’m probably going to need to do a proper restart right after. Otherwise, things won’t work right for me.

Dave and Casey went back outside, and turns out they were cleaning my car for me! Dave had also changed the oil in my car, and had found a nail in one of my tires so plugged it and adjusted the air in all my tires for me. One had too much air, and the rest were low, one or two were really low.

Spent quite a bit of time creating a new character in the Sims while the boys were outside. At one point, I was checking something related to Wiz, and discovered their Android game that you can play for pet experience or prizes is also available on the web. I was pretty excited, lol.

At one point, as I was heading back to my room from getting water in the kitchen, Dave started going on about me helping him clean Sunday to get ready for my dad’s visit. I told him that’s why my dad was coming, to help with those things because I can’t do it with my knee pain. He said something about if I could walk around Toys R Us I could do cleaning. I told him that I shouldn’t have walked around Toys R Us because now I was paying for it. He said something about me only being able to do things if it benefits me. I said whatever and headed back to my room.

Continued with character creation and placement for a while.

Dave had mentioned a day or two before about going to the Wisconsin Dells to eat at Paul Bunyan. It’s a yummy restaurant. I was a bit worried about how my leg would cope, but didn’t want to always be a spoil sport. So, in the mid-afternoon, we headed down there. It’s only about 45 minutes away, so I’m not really sure why we don’t go more often. It’d be nice, too, to stay overnight sometime so we can really enjoy it.

Dinner at the restaurant was pretty good, Ribs & Fried Chicken were the meats, plus some sides. Casey had Mac & Cheese, and they gave him a portion big enough for an adult. He ate about half of it, which was pretty good. Then he wanted dessert, but they didn’t have anything we all wanted (everything was served family-style, so you couldn’t really order a dessert for just one person).

After dinner, Dave wanted to look for an ice cream place, but I directed him to downtown. We found a parking lot that wasn’t TOO far from the shops, and walked around for about an hour before my knee pitched a fit. During that hour, we were able to find some mint oreo fudge for dessert and bought some cool stuff.

I was having trouble staying awake for the drive back home, but then my knee started bugging me more and I couldn’t doze off either. Once we were home, I went to get out of the car and my knee was so bad I didn’t think I’d make it. I was sitting in the car in tears. Dave got everything inside, and asked which door I wanted to go in. I told him the front door, so he made sure that was unlocked for me. I finally made it inside, grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer, then headed to my room and collapsed into my chair.

Spent some time on Sims again, just messing around with my primary family. I was still trying to age up the daughter to teen, with the intention of making her my primary character. The family cat ended up dying, so I was trying to catch it’s ghost so I could add it back to the family.

Got Casey to bed more easily than other nights. He wanted a slumber party with me, but I explained that, because of the way I have to prop up my knee at night, there’s just not enough space in my bed for him right now. He said he wanted a slumber party with Dave, then, so I told him to ask. Dave said yes, so I tucked Casey into Dave’s bed, then got back to the Sims.

Heard from Colin close to midnight again, and I was still up on Sims so we got on Skype for a while.

I finally got the daughter of my primary aged up to a teen, so I moved her out so I could play her as my primary. It’s so much easier with fewer active characters, lol. I downloaded a house for her off the Community, but it was unfurnished. It didn’t even have room dividers. I was able to set it up with some basic pre-fabricated rooms and got it functioning.

My knee pain was bugging me so much that my insomnia ended up getting to me. I was up playing Sims and talking to Colin until nearly 4am. During that time, spent a while in CAS modifying Jessica’s body and outifts. Played her for a while as well. Finally, then, I decided to just try and go to bed. I was awake for quite a while in bed before finally falling asleep.

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