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Didn’t get to bed too terribly late Friday night. Slept halfway decent, I suppose. Woke up to a quiet house. Dave wasn’t home and Casey was just doing his own thing. Got on Skype with Colin for a bit, since he was already up.

Got dressed on SL and then did my free book & paid emails.

Dave got home, and said he’d been to the farmers markets. He showed me what all he’d gotten. Then he “asked” about going to get sandwiches and take them to the river in La Crosse. I really wasn’t up for it, my stomach was still iffy and my knee was killing me and I didn’t want to hold anyone back. So Dave said he’d take Casey. So, I got some clothes out for Casey and he got dressed to go out with daddy.

Before they left, I told Casey they should also go to the toy store, because there’s only 6 days left before they close their doors forever and they’re having massive discounts now. Dave got pissed because I “hijacked his day” because now Casey wouldn’t want to go to the park, only the toy store. What-the-fuck-ever dude.

Once they were out the door, I got back on Skype with Colin, and got on Minecraft. He got on Minecraft as well and I invited him to my world, just in case he ever wants to play with me. We spent a few hours doing that together, it was nice.

Then Dave and Casey got home, it was around 5. They’d had a busy busy day, going to both the toy store and the park. Casey showed me all his stuff he got, and then asked to get on Minecraft.

So, we did that for about 4 hours together.

At one point I determined I should probably eat something, so I heated up a pesto tortellini freezer meal. It was pretty tasty!!

Got Casey to bed a *little* bit earlier, but not by much. Then it was back to Minecraft.

Autumn built some towers above her place, which I’ll now call her fortress, and decided she’d get a start on a bridge spanning 5,000m to the Mesa. And then eventually one going east from there to the Jungle.

I was just working on getting my enchantment level up to merge fishing poles together and bows together. And then getting my enchantment level up again. I was scared to venture into my mine, but finally did. It was daytime, but being down there it shouldn’t matter. I didn’t see any mobs, but I was terrified to be down there.

I got to bed around 2:30 am, pretty worn from the monotonous tasks I’d been doing on Minecraft.

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