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Woke up earlier than expected, considering it was the weekend, but I did still get to sleep in a bit. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then hopped on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house. Then I took care of my free book & paid emails. After those were done, I got on Minecraft for a bit, since Autumn was on. I did a bit of hunting, one night’s worth, but then I just kind of stood around, not really up for doing anything on there. I was tabbing to look at Facebook and do other things, and eventually noticed Autumn had d/c’d at some point. So, I logged off. She later suggested I could help her build small houses to make up a village near Jordan’s castle, but I just didn’t feel like being on Minecraft. She didn’t seem to understand, which is weird since she gets that way a lot. Oh well.

Spent most of the day scrolling through Facebook, not really motivated to do much of anything else. Casey did play a bit of Minecraft on his own world, but even he seemed more interested in other things. It was refreshing to see him playing in his play room again, he’s not been really playing in there lately.

I did get some laundry done, at which point my knee almost gave out on me, so I put on my brace and got dressed. After laundry was done, it was back to scrolling through Facebook.

Time passed so slowly, with me not doing much of anything, but eventually it was finally time to head to McDonald’s for the make-up Cub Scout meeting. I’d gotten a text from Leanne that apparently Daniel and Michael had decided to go out of town to Michael’s cousin’s wrestling tournament. I’d just heard from Daniel on Friday that he would be able to make it to the make-up meeting, and found it odd that I would have heard from Leanne but not him directly.

The meeting went fairly well. The kids were super energetic, as always. We all ate first and chit-chatted, then I went over the activity with the boys. I got them started on a game of Red Light, Green Light and then sat back down and chatted with one of the other parents for a while before we all decided it was time to go.

I got to thinking about it, and wondered if Daniel was upset with me about everything from Thursday. See, I’d been super stressed out about whether or not to have the meeting as scheduled, what with the weather and possible road conditions. It stressed me out ALL DAY. I’d emailed Cubmaster Scott and heard NOTHING back from him, or anyone, until only about half an hour or so before we’d have to leave, and that didn’t even come directly from Scott. Meanwhile, Daniel had, at first, said he’d be able to make it as planned, then a short while later sent me a few texts, the first of which said “Holy fuck, I just almost died.” Then a couple pictures: one showing the road, which didn’t really look all that terrible, and the next showing the speed he was going, which was a perfectly reasonable speed for in-town, but I didn’t know where he was at the time. Plus, considering he was taking pictures and texting WHILE DRIVING, really how bad could it have been? Regardless, I took that into account, but also took into account what I witnessed first-hand while I was shoveling, and other parent accounts. It wasn’t until Dave got home from some miles away through the country and confirmed that it really wasn’t that bad, that I decided to go on with the meeting as planned. Then, of course, I got word that there’d be no meetings if there was no school. I let everyone know via email and a text to Daniel that there’d be no meeting. He said something about it’d be great if he didn’t have to leave the house, and I made a joke about him not needing to unless he wanted to get the kids together. Left it at that, then on Friday I’d texted him asking if he’d be able to make it to the meeting Saturday at 6:30 at McDonald’s and all he said was “Yes.” Then he didn’t make it because he took Michael to the wrestling tournament instead of keeping his prior commitment to the Cub Scouts. So, idk if it bugged him about me wanting to hold the meeting despite him saying the roads were bad? Or if my joke about getting the kids together bugged him? Or what would have caused him to not let me know, but instead making me hear it from Leanne?

During all that thought process, I managed to get Casey ready for bed, which took about an hour this time. Got him tucked into his bed, even though he was asking me about a slumber party with me. I’d have loved to, I miss our slumber parties, but my neck’s been sore for a week or something, and I needed to try a different sleeping position to try and alleviate the pain. He understood and let me tuck him into his bed, though. After that I hopped on Wiz to check things, before deciding to just go to bed myself.

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