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Saturday morning, woke up pretty early having to pee. When I was in the bathroom, I heard Casey stirring. We snuggled for a bit. He had one knee on either side of my belly and squeezed them together a bit like he was giving me a belly hug with them. I’ve known my uterus has been tender but damn.

I hadn’t really slept the best, the pillows were all too small and squishy. The mattress felt like it was caving in, not very supportive. I was pretty sore all over when I woke up.

Got up and got him some breakfast and myself some coffee. Booted up the laptop and got parked on SL, but then sent Colin a message that I was going to try and close the lid and see if I’d stay connected. I heard the disconnect sound from Firestorm right away. Ah well.

In the morning we all went to pick some cherries, that was a lot of fun. Casey even licked some cherry juice off his fingers, I was pleasantly surprised! The tart cherries were easier to pick, there were so many on the trees. We saw a tree that had broken from the weight of all the cherries, so we picked from that tree. The sweet cherries were bigger, but harder to pick because they wanted us to pick from certain trees. Something about the ripening rotation.

After cherry-picking we headed to the farmer’s market. My parents bought Casey a $45 wooden boat. If it weren’t so expensive, it’d be an awesome thing for him to paint. I won’t mention that, though. It’s too expensive for him to mess up with paint.

We headed back to their house and my mom made some breakfast. Some cinnamon rolls with parfait. Lounged around for a bit after breakfast, then it was time for my massage appointment. My dad had booked it for me at the place he goes to, my mom knows I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and thought it would help.

The intake form at the massage place asked if I was pregnant, I didn’t want that possibility getting back to my parents so I put down no. The massage felt great, but I felt like a chiro would have helped if I had gone to it first, to pop everything before having it massaged out. It was still very nice and relaxing, though.

Headed back to my parents and chilled for a bit and then went for lunch at the Mexican place. I got a combo with an enchilada, burrito, and tostada. It was good, but my tostada wasn’t crispy when I got it. I’ve never had a tostada not be crispy when it arrived at the table.

After dinner we headed back to their house to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Casey and I hung out for a while, as our food settled, then drove the short distance to the toy store to exchange the puzzle. We looked around and at first I didn’t think he’d find anything. Then he looked up. There was a GIANT shamu hanging from the rafters. I thought, with the size of it, that it would be expensive. I asked, and it was quite a bit cheaper than I thought at only $35. We’d get a $13 credit for the puzzle, which would make it only cost about $23 with tax. I whispered to Casey that Grammy had given me some extra money. He put his hands on either side of his mouth and breathed “YES!” We paid for the Granddaddy of all Moosks and headed back to my parents’ house. We were going to go get Frozen Yogurt, but we still weren’t hungry after the big lunch we’d had.

I got on ArcheAge for a bit and played around while Casey played Minecraft on my old phone. After a while, Casey said he was finally hungry, and my mom was as well. I wasn’t quite ready but would go with to get FroYo, and my dad wasn’t originally going to go but when he heard I was going then he decided he’d better go ahead and go as well. We walked down and got our FroYo, then took it back to my parents’ house to eat it.

After FroYo it was more lounging around for everyone. My parents were exhausted from our short visit, idk why besides my mom’s supposed “fragile” health. My mom was laying in bed, I was playing ArcheAge, and Casey was playing on the phone some more.

Got Casey ready for bed a little after 7, read to him and tucked him in, then went back to the computer. I was tired already, but needed to stay up. I made some coffee quick, to help me stay awake until a more reasonable time. My mom made some comment about me drinking coffee at that time of night. Something about the jitters.

A while later, when my mom had been in bed a while, I’d thought she was asleep even, she got up just to come out and ask me “What do you do on the computer all day?” I wanted to say “None of your damn business, it’s my computer I’ll do what I want.” Instead I just muttered “I’m not usually on the computer all day.” Total lie. She went back to bed. I was rather annoyed that she got out of bed JUST to pester me about being on the computer.

Continued playing on ArcheAge until I was ready for bed. It wasn’t very late still, but I knew I couldn’t stay up any longer.

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