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Managed to get up before Dave and Casey left for Illinois, where they would be going to baby Ruthie’s birthday party. Got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then hopped on ArcheAge.

Got Casey a few activity books and things together in his backpack, and saw them off. A short while later, I got ready to head to Best Buy in Onalaska. I’d been irritated with my mouse and keyboard for a while, and found a pretty good pair I ordered online. The mouse was the same one I used to use a while back, but blue instead of pink. I would take the pink one back from Casey and let him have the blue one.

I looked around the store for a bit before picking up my order. I found Super Mario 3D Land for my Nintendo 3ds, I’ll give that to Casey for Christmas. Then I found some fancy stylus pens for computers. I’d tried to get one when I bought my computer, but it didn’t work. There were demo models out, and the salesperson said that it would work with my computer, and I was able to try it on a demo computer. It worked really well, so, I got it and headed to get my order.

After picking up my order, I drove further into town with the Uber driver app running, to see if I could deliver any orders while I was in the area. None came through to my phone, though, so I headed back home.

Got the new keyboard and mouse hooked up and working. A flash drive had been delivered, so I got that plugged in to transfer files to as well, then tried to get the pen to work. The pen wouldn’t work, and when I looked up on the company’s site for information, my computer model was not listed as being compatible. It would have to be taken back on Friday when I would next be in town.

Got back on ArcheAge and did some questing with Cyn. We were both getting tired fairly early, like around 6:30, but then she said she wanted to do the reset raid so we did that and it woke us up. After the raid, a friend helped us farm, mostly for XP, in Western Hiram Mountains. I ended up talking to him on Discord and the three of us went to the library to farm some mobs for XP there, until Cyn and I were both ready to pass out. I logged out and went to bed.

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