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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted. Casey and Dave had gotten up a short while before me. Casey was just spending time on his tablet while Dave worked on homework.

Took care of my free book and paid emails while loading into ArcheAge. On there, I got my gardening done, and then just kinda hung around until it was time to get dressed and go to Casey’s party.

I’d assumed Dave was going with us, but apparently not. He said he’d missed two days of homework from Casey’s birthday stuff (his birthday stuff was just on Thursday??) and needed to catch up, and of course he’d also have the work to do from this weekend. So, I could see why he’d need to stay home, work on 4 days worth of school work in 2 days.

Headed to Chuck E Cheese’s and waited a bit until we saw anybody we recognized. James got there first with his dad, so we got out of the car and hung around outside for a few more minutes. No one else had arrived quite yet, so we went on in.

It was after 1 before others started trickling in, with Daniel and Michael arriving quite a bit late. I guess next time I’ll need to tell him that the event starts an hour earlier than it actually starts so he’ll be on time for a change. And this was after I told him to be there by 12:45, because I knew even then he’d be late.

The party went very well! Casey had a good time with all his friends and got some cool stuff as gifts. The food was good, the cake was good, and the play time with all the games afterward was even better! Casey had already earned a lot of tickets, but then they reminded me that he had a turn in the Ticket Blaster as well. So he did that and ended up with about 1500 tickets. He got a few prizes and we headed out.

We headed to PetSmart because we needed a new scratch pad for one of the scratchers, they’d managed to scratch a hole all the way through the cardboard and we didn’t have any replacements at home. I also picked up a pack of replacement round ones, but just to lay on the floor in mine and Casey’s rooms. I mainly wanted it for my room, to entice them into spending more time with me lol. And we also got a super soft blanket for Casey’s bed, because he really wants Max to start sleeping by him.

I wanted to go to Sam’s club after that, but my knee had had more than enough. I’d been standing and walking around way too much at the party. So, we headed home instead.

Shortly after we got home, Dave asked if he could have the rest of the pizza from the party. I told him I was literally just getting ready to go get it for myself. He flew off the handle about me having just had pizza at the party, and I told him that was like 5 hours prior. So then he says “nevermind, I’m going to Jennifer’s.”

Wait a minute. You’re going to her house, but you couldn’t go to your son’s birthday party because you were too busy with homework???

So, he missed Casey being in the 4th of July Parade with the Cub Scouts because he was at Jennifer’s house. Then Jennifer does something to Max that turns him into a vicious attack cat whenever she’s around. And now he missed Casey’s first actual birthday party because of supposed homework, but had enough time to go to Jennifer’s house… There’s a very obvious pattern here, and I am not pleased. She needs to be out of the picture, like, months ago. I don’t give a fuck what feelings he may have for her, if she’s going to cause him to miss out on important events in his son’s life she needs to go! Obviously Casey and I need to get the hell outta here as well, but damnit she needs to be GONE. If he wants to be a part of Casey’s life after we finally divorce, then she needs to not be a part of his life. That’s all there is to it.

Ok, rant over.

Casey had gotten on his tablet after we got home and was just relaxing while watching YouTube, and kept doing that for the rest of the evening. I need to change the time limit back from when I’d upped it when he wasn’t feeling well a week or so ago.

I made sure he had plenty of food before it was time to get ready for bed. He’s been doing this thing lately of not telling me when he’s hungry, which he used to do all day every day. I’d asked him while driving home if he’d had breakfast, and he said no. So, he had breakfast first, while I preheated the oven for his dinner. Then I asked him to get his bedtime stuff done, but he was too distracted by his tablet and it took him an hour to finish.

All the while he was eating and supposed to be getting ready for bed, I was in the reset raid. Once the raid was done, I spent all kinds of time, gold, and labor infusing my gear some more. Then it was time for Halcy, and Casey was on the toilet and not ready for bed yet. After 2 instances of Halcy, he was finally ready for me to read to him.

Got him read to and tucked in, and then I got back to ArcheAge. I got on the cargo ship for a run, and then headed back to my house. I took care of my gardening, and then met up with Cyn where the 5th Anniversary event was going on. She was going to show it to me and explain how to do it. I got lazy, though, and when someone offered a ride on their mount to complete the event quicker, I hopped on. And then when I got to the top with them I kept falling off anyway. Cyn said it was usually easier just to do the gliding for it. I’d have to try next time.

After the event, I headed back home and chatted with Cyn and Brandon for a while, until I was ready for bed.

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