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We got up early after getting very little sleep the night before. We hung around in the cabin for a while before getting dressed and heading out. The first stop was the bathroom, then we made our way to the dining hall to find out where we needed to register and what would be going on.

The volunteers were still setting things up in the dining hall, so we ended up going back to the mini cabin for a short while. I was also talking with Daniel to figure out if they were going to make it.

Once enough time had passed that things would be gearing up, we headed across the road to register for the day and get a schedule of activities. It was a very loose schedule, where everyone could just wander around and do what they wanted when they wanted. I kind of liked that.

After getting checked in we went back to the dining hall for breakfast. It was a breakfast version of corn dogs. After eating, Casey made a survival bracelet, then we went out behind the dining hall to try and do the outdoor cooking activity. I was pretty much just trying to pass the time in hopes that Daniel and Michael would make it. He was having car trouble and also Michael trouble, so it wasn’t looking too good.

Lunch was getting ready to start when we were trying to do the outdoor cooking, so we went back inside and waited for more food. There were chicken sandwiches and two kinds of mac & cheese, one with ham and one without. We got our food and headed to a table to eat.

After lunch, we made our way to a game activity, which Casey seemed to really enjoy. After that Casey wanted to play in the treehouse, so I let him do that. Then we stopped in the cabin again to warm up and relax for a little while. Finally, we made our way up to Archery.

Archery went ok, but Casey wasn’t doing it right and when I tried to help him he damn near hit me in the face with the arrow, twice. But when the other adults went to help him he let them just fine. When we were leaving Shooting Sports I told Casey it made me sad that he fruited out when I tried to help him, but let other adults help him.

I asked him what he wanted to do next, there were only fishing and BB guns left. He wanted to try to fish, but we decided to try taking the car down there. We loaded our stuff back into the car and drove over to where the path was leading down to the pond, but it was blocked off. I mentioned the time to Casey and said that things were done soon, that we’d have to walk down and may only have a few minutes by the time he got there. He agreed that we may as well just go home.

Casey fell asleep on the way home and kept tipping over in his new booster seat. He wanted to keep it in the middle of the back row, but at least if he kept it to one side he would have somewhere to lean instead of having to lift himself back up every time he tipped over.

When we got home, we unloaded the car and got settled back in. I wasn’t in the mood to unpack our things yet, so I just booted the computer and got parked on SL, then got on ArcheAge to do a bit of gardening. Once I was done with that, I got on Fallout 76 for the rest of the day.

Casey spent the rest of the day going between his electronics, but mostly resting after a long and restless camping trip. I got him tucked into his bed, but he was being whiny about wanting more fruit snacks even though he’d already had some. I told him he could have an apple, but he insisted that apples were not snacks. I knew he was just overtired, so I left him to whine in his room. Dave ended up going in there and convincing him to have an apple, and then Casey asked for a slumber party in his room. I didn’t really care at that point, I was overtired myself and didn’t want to deal with the whiny fussy demanding attitude.

I spent longer on Fallout than I expected to, doing quests and chore type stuff until I was ready for bed.

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